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    I am 16 yrd old and so is this boy, hes name is daniel. We both go college and it is our first yr but not in same class.
    We met through a friend, named Adam. Adam is my friend and daniels. Daniel and adam were talking and adam was talking to me and then daniel started talking to me. He asked what course i do and was just getting to know me. Next time we saw each other (me and daniel) he gave me his number and hanged out with me and he told me he doesnt have any lessons or anything but home is boring. . I had lesson after about an hour so we hanged out for that hour.

    He never whatsapped me though or i never did either. We started talking on whatsapp after about three months he gave me his number. He spoke to me first... he was talking about my profile pic on whatsapp😂😂. He replied fast to me everytime he recieved my message. He still replies fast.

    When i didnt have instagram, he used to ask me if his pics are good, cos hes posting it. He messages me on different timings, if i dont reply to him for example if he sends an emoji message to me at 7.40pm hed send another message at 11pm saying "go bed" but that happens sometimes and then we just talk.

    And now.. me and him talk but he told me he has a gf and that he used to have crush on her since yr9 and now hes in yr12 same yr as me. I think he might have lied about having gf cos i havent seen any such things cos he sent me a pic with the girl in it and he wasn't holding her or anything though. She was in front of him (she took the pic ) and there was a blue heart in it so maybe they might be in relationship i dont know.

    But on instagram daniel liked all of my pics and gave me silly comments 😂😂😂 . I saw that girl on his insta (she has insta, i think cos the pic he sent of the girl looked like that girl) he hasnt liked her pics or commented so i dont really think anythings going on. He did put love heart and ring in his bio saying "her". I have a bf and I've told him. I think i am falling for daniel.

    Me and daniel talk in the night around 12am ish to like 4 am. He replies fast nd that. He is 5ft11 and i am 4ft8 but i look 5ft2 with heels. I told him "you cant fall for me.. ur way taller than me. Like you cant have feelings for me" then he replied saying "heights not a problem" and we do sometimes talk about being in bed and annoying each other and just falling asleep with each other. And we joke about being on top of each other. He told me once "not gona lie, you are pretty " He has told me that he'll drive me around once he gets his licence. He teases me alot saying im short and i tease him back. We do talk playfully to each other.

    Daniels brother and my brother go to same primary school and are in same class. He picks up his brother and so do i. I pick up my brother and my sisters from primary school. When we see each other, we just smile at each other. He is always looking over at me and when i see/caught him he just smiles.

    Me and daniel do go 3/4 or maybe more daya without talking to each other on texts. We don't meet up but he says he will in future as he teases me and i joke around with him telling him to "watch" 😂😂😂

    He has also told me where he lives (not exact address" he once sent me a pic of view from outside his house windows and i knew exactly where he lived. We both live 5-10 mins away from each other.

    Is it possible that he can feel that way for me? I feel that way for me but im not sure if he does.
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    (Original post by Love111)
    There's nothing in what you've written that says '100%, he is into you', but there are a few signs.

    However, it does sound like he's made up having a girlfriend, if everything is as you describe it. It sounds very dodgy.

    The bit that strikes me most is the stuff about being on top of eachother.

    The other bit is where you said you have a boyfriend, and to be honest if you have one then saying something like that is quite dodgy.

    So you know.. I think it's possible. If I were to bet, then I would say yes, but I would not risk a lot of money on it.

    Sort your life out
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