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I voted leave and have no shame in admitting it Watch

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    Firstly, I'll give you some background information on me. I align with traditional Old Labour values.


    When looking at what the EU has become, it has become a home of bureaucrats who serve both the political elite and the corporate elite. Across the EU zone on the whole, income inequality has risen by 10%, SME's have been driven out of business due to an inability to comply with complex and expensive EU regulations and big businesses have continuously lobbied to increase that strangle upon them. This has contributed to a class divide across Europe. The middle class has gotten smaller as a proportion of the overall population. More people across Europe have been plunged into working poverty.

    This class divide has partially contributed to a rise in crime, homelessness and divisions within society. The EU is heading the same way as America whereby the people are sold the dream only to realise their wonderful suburban house with white picket fence has been broken into by a person desperate to feed their family.

    The EU is going completely the wrong way. The gap should be getting smaller. We need a system that works for the people. Years ago, when Old Labour were in power people lived in societies whereby they could leave the front door unlocked with very little fear of them having their homes broken into.

    Nowadays, that is rarely the case and in fact, the situation has gotten so bad that some people do not even know their neighbours. Whether we like it or not, the EU has contributed to, whilst not wholesomely responsible, to social inequality across the entire continent. We are seeing communities becoming more and more fractured. We are seeing social unrest across the streets of Europe for all sorts of reasons.


    The pound plummeting is not the disaster some people are stating it is. Numerous countries purposely devalue their currency and take advantage of such to boost exports and create jobs. Also, nobody has mentioned that the 10 year bond rate has dropped from 3.8% to 1.1% which shows confidence from investors in the UK economy.

    Furthermore, the FTSE is back up to where it was 2 weeks ago so it is hardly the predicted apocalypse the remain campaign claimed.Of course, at any time you take a large risk, at any time there is uncertainty, there is always going to be volatility in the markets and this initial shock was hardly a surprise.

    However, to suggest a recovery is not possible is just absurd. Already we are seeing the likes of Canada reach out. Already we are seeing Germany not wanting to spite themselves in a petulant manner. The USA want to deal with us. It hasn't even been 24 hours since the result was announced.If you think our place in the world is defined by the EU block then you really do not have much faith in the UK at all.

    The UK was doing great things in the world long before the EU project was even thought of.Alan Turing was a leading scientist, mathematician and pioneer who helped the war effort against Germany. Alexander Bell invented the first practical telephone and brought people closer and more connected than they had previously been before. Alexander Fleming was an extremely important pharmacologist and biologist and his medicine, Penicillin G, is still used today. Isaac Newton was and still is one of the most influential scientists of all time.

    Ada Lovelace, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Charles Darwin, Joseph Swan, John Boyd Dunlop, Alexander Wood, George Stephenson, Robert Whitehead and the list goes on and on. All brought great contributions to the world and were pioneers and they all did it without the help of the EU.Even during EU membership the UK, along with the USA, were leading pioneers when it came to technology.

    Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer, Michael Dell, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Tim Berners-Lee, Larry Ellison and plenty more. Even if you factor in arguably the most influential in Europe in regards to technology, Linus Torvalds, he comes from Finland which was still a sovereign state back then. Other than that you have the likes of Nikola Tesla, who was also partly American, who was a leading innovator and pioneer before the EU.

    To suggest leaving the EU would hurt us in the long-term is complete nonsense. If anything, the ability to take back control of our own destiny will allow us to become pioneers once again in a world currently dominated by leaders in America such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page. We need to find our way again and invest money within the UK, not EU vanity projects, to ensure we become big players in the world.

    The money spent on EU contributions plus the money spent on vanity projects across the EU could have been spent on building a UK equivalent of Silicon Valley. Instead, bureaucrats in Brussels wasted it without tracking expenses, spent it on vanity projects across the EU and used it to put up their propaganda next to buildings everywhere to persuade people into believing the EU was a great thing.

    The UK just leapt out of the EU pond and jumped into the global sea. Whilst the waters may be rough the rewards along the way will be worth it. The remain campaign should stop trying to hold us back due to their own fears and insecurity

    The EU will collapse

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