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Hey guys need a bit of help here as im getting paranoid about my results. So I study criminology at Nottingham Trent University and studied 5 modules during second year. 4 of the modules were a 20 credit module, and 1 was a 40 credit module. These are my current results I have received for each module:

Crime, Risk & Community Safety 20 Credits: 52% (Low 2.2)
Diversity, Crime & Prejudice 20 Credits: 38% (Marginal Fail)
Policing 20 Credits: 52% (Low 2.2)
Penology 20 Credits: Awaiting exam results
Service Learning 40 Credits: Total: 41% (Low 3rd)

For service learning the presentation was weighed at 10%, the poster at 20%, and the report at 70%. the other modules were all at 100% as it was only one assignment per module. I need at least a Low 3rd (42%) overall to pass second year. As I am currently awaiting my Penology results; according to my calculations I apparently need at least a 28% mark in Penology to pass second year. Is this right? Even though i got less than 40% (fail) for the Diversity, Crime & Prejudice module and the Service Learning report? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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