Brexit is just a beginning, we have so much more to fight for

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I voted Brexit. The problem, as Peter Hitchens states,

Is that politics just isn't offering options and isn't representative. All the New Labourites are still laying into Corbyn, they still cannot get into their heads that they have lost their core vote and no long er represent them, they want more Blairism again and a similar person. Equally so many Tories are effectively Blairites, social and economic liberals and have pretty much the same views.

We cannot just go back to the status quo in terms of the electoral choices we have, and keep our heads in the sand, we have to start becoming what we claim we are-a representative democracy. sorry remainers, but this was a vote against defeatism, this was a vote for democracy, and a vote against the fact that democracy in it's current incarnation simply isn't working as stated and responding to people's needs and the national interests. We really cannot rest on anything, either side of this referendum, there are people on either side of the vote who are economically to the left or right who have commonality who need to work together, there are republicans(I am one) on either side.
But we may still have a media and political class and electorate that wants to force us to accept less than the full verdict. We need to keep fighting, for European peoples as well, and the world, get democracy back. We need new political parties. What Hitchens say is so true, he is a hater of Blairism, what I would call neoliberalism, as I am, and Labour has ignored the old socially conservative patriotic labour voters, and the socially conservative Tory ones-he thinks these two block combined, could beat the social and economic liberals from the Tories and Labour combined, or compete with them regularly. The media class clearly is very rich and falls in the latter camp. I think we need to get rid of this soap opera of evil Tories and Labour for the poor, because clearly anytime someone remotely leftist economically comes to lead Labour, their whole party and supporter pillory them , they only want to feel morally superior than Tories and have basically the same economics- this is offering people no democracy, and caused decades of damage and disenfranchisement-the worrying initial signs though are that they simply haven't listened or understood this and want more of the same.

This is the long haul , we have only done a fraction of what we need to- it's an important way of starting the ball of change rolling, and optimism.

Let's stop this false dichotomy between Tories and Labour, when they've both caused the same things to happen, and let's question the religion of social and economic liberalism, the media and political class, Londoncentric consensus, and let's strive for a revitalised democracy that is responsive to the people.
Both sides of the vote that agree on other issues now have to unite and realise the struggle, and reflect upon the damage done in the previous decades and the amount of people who aare not represented and how they are hurting.

We have to make a patriotic, optimisitic and compassionate country, and we need to stablize things.

We have hundred of thousands living on food donations, neoliberalism is a callous philosophy, we have to start building an inclusive society and addressing inequality.

It is false to say Tories are the enemy when Labour is full of sneering champagne socialists who all pillory any of their own leaders and anyone who wants to address inequality, and we need to be suspicious of a media that wants these economics, and when plenty of tories, whilst hardly leftist, are actually moderate and to the left of Labour on economics. Blair sold progressivism and being against evil Tories with inequality and lack of social mobility that rocketed past Thatchers levels....we have been had to long and too easily manipulated into policies that are lacking in humanity and cruel to the poor, not to mention extremely unwise and conducive to social breakdown.

Our debate has now become the rich and those who support them telling anyone who is against inequality to shut up, and then claiming an implicit right to the moral high ground about other peoples supposed racism or social conservatism. This is deeply cynical and unpleasant, and since they have kicked people so long, people kicked back. We must become a different kind of country and heal. I am optimistic, we have to be. Some massive challenges will be there, that would have been there either way, global events simply beyond us and our control. Let's not spend the next god knows how many years saying what would happen if one side won or the other, when the reality is it would happen anyway. We have to believe in greater control, a change in the paradigm, throughout history these things have happened and been healthy. We cannot become a mean cynical country, too many people for remain simply see themselves on the moral high ground over social liberalism or immigration, whilst failing to see that, whilst dressed up in open minded cosmopolitanism, is part of a cynical economic system that has treated people abominably.

I would urge Brexiters economically further right to think about upcoming decades and how many people live, and to see that stablising a country and responding to the many is far more wise. And economic leftist remainers need to be more focused on our own party system, changing our own country and media debate rather than getting mythical measures and supposed progressivism from the EU(in fact it was only trade unions, no the political one, that would ever provide any of that-even then it was only tokens, crumbs, the possibility of a chnage of our national debate and system is far more exciting) , and just chucking it all in because you want to see us fail. I'm not saying that about all of you, but they are out there.

Anyway Hitchens puts it better. We must look to the future, when this is a past memory, and give hope to people who democracy isn't working for, and fight for the cause that now unite us and we believe in. We must start listening to all of our country and trying to create a socially cohesive, meaningful country. I am someone who has felt that last two decades have been dire, and this is a turning point, but it is a turning point with much of the old bullying neoliberal establishment there. We need to build the future now, not fall into factionalism. We need to change the way we see economics, reflect on the fact we may be causing social breakdown, and be more open to a different economic and political paradigm. There may be people who still want us to give away power, to still want us to be fragmented and demoralised, to prove their point, we must stabilize and unify . It's an emotive thing, as I have personally suffered the last two decade, not because of one party or remain or leave, I don't believe in false dichotomy, but I do believe in an oppressive paradigm and status quo that has broken peoples ability to critically analyse what is the problem, and I believe this could be a new beginning. Inform yourselves, don't listen all to propoganda, or anyone who wants to try and reinstate all the things that oppressed us in the first place. Always look a bit deeper than a tribe and the reason people want you to beleive stuff.

I know I got a bit carried there, it is an emotive issue and there is much ahead of us.

Anyway take a read of this, he puts his finger on the really pressing issues and an interesting view of what we need
The Roast
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Peter Hitchens is a demigod. I love his sensible opinions.

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