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    In April I survived a car crash. I was rear ended. Now some stuff is happening and I am at a little loss for knowing how I should react.

    I have headaches and maybe some speech/cognitive problems. When I get real emotion, that's when I know a headache will begin, but sometimes they come one when ever. no control. I think they may be occurring less often though not really changing.

    I wish to tell my story and ask a few questions to see what others think. Bellow is what happened. I added the spoiler option to save space. Over all I am interest in;

    What would you do in this situation?

    How to determine concussions?

    What are best ways to heal after concussion?

    What are some more of your over all thoughts?

    This may be gruesome to some people.
    Driving along the road - in the company vehicle around 88kph. I turn onto a main road to see a nice bubble between myself and the other cars. Just about no one in front and whole bunch of space away from those behind. Inside this bubble happens to be birds. I slow down, turn on my hazards, and honk my horn.

    Birds don't do much of anything but get in the way. So I stop. 1 min. passes to me seeing the birds waddle in the road. Another minute later, cars start passing on my left. Maybe a few seconds after that (3 mins maybe total) black out.

    I wake up with my head on the steering wheel. There's blood covering the brand logo. Raising my head higher, the road way is vacant. I check the review mirror to see a cut bellow my eye (on the cheek) as the blood flows to my neck. Looking at my eyes, my pupils are really small. Checking my left and right, no cars. A bright, quite day.

    I slide my hand over the back of my head to feel something wet. That hand was covered in blood when seeing what was on it. At this point I knew very well I was in a car crash.

    Pulled my shirt off to hold it over the cut on the back of my head. With my left, I found my phone to call emergency, but the call did not go through. Looking back up I saw a car drive by. Some vehicles were starting to go around - so I looked left. A car drove slowly by me, to which I saw a woman glaring back at me. I said help, though no words left my mouth.

    The woman pulled in front of my car, stepped out, and walked to my driver side. "Can I help you?" Or perhaps she said something like that. I told her about the issues with my phone and asked her to try her phone. At first it didn't work, but she eventually got through.
    "Help is on the way. But police are already here."

    I looked back as she did to notice the police car blocking part of the road. A stretch of cars lined behind it with few driving slowly pass. A fire truck was behind a cab.

    Memory escapes me at this moment, in which the girl and I talked. For how long I am unsure but it is now she tells me that the cab was going 120 and was not paying attention - then I called my father to leave a message (asking him to call me back). The woman left to talk to someone at the side of the road, and I choose to focus on breathing.

    A firefighter came up to me to ask what had happened. I responded by telling above story. He corresponds to me that the other driver is trapped. Since they are short on man power, they will need to leave me alone and focus on getting the cab driver out. I look back to focus more on the cabby, his left front end is smashed to the tire - maybe more.

    It is this time I realize I am looking through a hole in a window. I do not realize until later that something had to create that hole, and my headrest is missing. Only having thought about it a day or two after the accident - there was something in the back of the truck that could have gone through the window, or my head did.

    After being told keep looking forward, I went back to focus on breathing. I talked to myself the entire time. Thinking of family, figuring things out, focus on breathing. Almost like in the movie "Revenant" but just in English and no music.

    part 2?
    After some time passes with me siting in the car, to which I do not know, The fire fighters got me out with neck brace and on a platform. Hauled me into an ambulance where I was checked out by another person. My memory on this is hazy, as I remember calling my dad, getting through and having the person in back with me talk to my dad on my behalf. Simple stuff, like where we are going. Otherwise, I stared at the ceiling and the person.

    We get to the hospital, I'm rolled into halls - not sure if my memory fails me or I blacked out but I ended up at emergency room where my clothes were being cut off and questions were being asked. I was okay for responding but I didn't talk a lot.

    I remained to my self sometimes and encouraged myself to stay breathing - in which my breath was sometimes only thing I felt. At this point I believe I was in and out of consciousness as I experienced being rolled out to get a CT scan, but getting there and getting back into the emergency room - well I did not experience.

    There was a time in which I was in the machine being scanned. I talked to nurses asking for help or something. They pulled me out to help me relax and back in I went. black out. back in room.

    During this portion of time I was starting to loose my ability to communicate. I could not say my name and I was slow to respond. I tried spelling my name cause I was so frustrated. Felt like it took 30 minutes just to get 4 of 7 letters.

    I remember seeing my name, the letters, and knowing what to say. But my mouth would not allow me. More like my head in reality. Time passed until I realize another downfall.

    Since I was in a neck brace I could not move around much. Plus they didn't want me to. It was not until they started moving me to patch up the back of my head (which didn't happen right away for what ever reason) that the nurses and doctors would disappear on my right side.

    Now they cleaned my cuts. Glued the front and stapled the back. Something I felt and remember - even the sound of metal embedded into my skull. Can't explain it, but I can hear it as I look back.

    Understanding that the doctors "disappeared" took some time, but eventually I tested my sight. My right eye could see the right side of the room, but only after I closed my left eye. Not sure if I told anyone, but my brain could not comprehend information from both eyes.

    Time passed as my parents were allowed to see me. I waived as soon as I saw them and felt joy. They explained they got there around 1100 or maybe later (?) along with the time now being around 1500. I was kept in the emergency room until some time at night, in which I do not remember. I remember leaving the emergency room, but not much - well its difficult to remember. Its there maybe.

    Anyways. I was still slow to respond and talk. I could not remember names though able to now say mine. Dad and Mom came out quick and easy though.

    I spent the night at the hospital to be checked out the next day, by 1400 clock. Several nurses wished me luck where as one told me to rest and not do anything for 3 weeks. A doctor from the emergency room checked up on me. She was cute. I spent 2 weeks at home.

    Healing has been a pain. Some headaches, soreness, and weakness. Two weeks I was pretty much trying to rest. Didn't quite happen that way with a botched experience getting staples out. Something that was to take 30 minutes took over 2 hours. The week before May 9th, they said I could go back to work partial duty. On the 9th I was told I could go back to work full duty.

    I had several phone calls with my company's claim department that I was unsatisfied with the doctors. Come the 10th I objected to not going to work. I also told my claims department that I wanted a second opinion. I was treated as though I was resigning - either I worked or nothing. I felt out of place and did not know what to do. Sadly I gave in and reported for work the next day - about 21 meters away from where I live. A 3 hour drive.

    Headaches have plagued much of my day. Pain scale 1 to 10 they vary from 3 to 7. I feel pressure in the head, piercing pain, and a dull pain. I feel as though I have developed problems (best way to explain it) where I say a word different than what I want to say and had thought to say. Sometimes I talk and the conversation is slow as I loose my place. A word disappears or I forget what was to be said. This is not always, but I catch myself. More often than I had ever done prior to crash (which was more like never).

    My manager though I am having issues with memory loss or short term memory. My girlfriend believes I have been slower as well.

    I saw a neurologist who worked for same company that employed the lackeys who botched my staple pulling and told me I could work two weeks after Hospital doctors explained I had experienced/sustained a severe concussion. I told as much as I could. Though I think I left some things out - not on purpose though.

    The neurologist did some tests to see how far my neck bent. He asked me to sit, close my eyes, and hold my arms up. At this time, I obliged - where he pushed down some on my arms. Then he checked my responses...the flinches. you know, where the knee and other points are touched to cause a response. He shined a light in my eye and I guess looked through my pupils.

    Then he asked me questions:
    count to here.
    what's 7 + 8 (to figure this out I did 7 + 6, then counted up)
    more math questions
    then a last question I do not recall.

    I told him what the hospital doctors told me...he said they were wrong. I have a mild concussion.

    I explained to him my symptoms again and that this crash occurred in April. I honestly do not remember him ever explaining himself. I do know that he said I seemed to communicate perfectly.

    Unfortunately I do not do so well in conflict and the appointment ended. Now I sit in hopes to share my story and maybe have some feedback. Do some research and understand things better.

    I feel really sorry for u....



    This stuff is serious. Not just sports are affected.
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