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"Stop complaining about the referendum result!" Watch

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    Okay, so many of us were a little upset with the outcome, and since then god knows how many people have responded by going "the majority voted, accept and quit whining, why do you hate democracy?, bla bla bla".

    Well, yes, I do accept it, but that doesn't mean people don't still have the right to criticise it, and I should note that whining is precisely what politics is all about; people whine about leaving the EU, before this people whined about being in it, people whine about immigration, people whine about taxes, people whine about what's happening to the environment, people whine about unemployment, people whine about poverty, you name it.

    I felt before the referendum that leaving was a bad idea since we really didn't (and still don't, really) know what the consequences of it would be and there didn't seem to be anything we could actually gain from it, seeing as we'd probably end up staying in the EEA, which would mean we'd still have to have free movement of people, have to pay money in the EU's budget, and follow all its regulations and yet not have any say whatsoever in what said regulations are or how the budget will be spent.

    My opinion does not change just because 52% of the populus disagrees with me, and no, I'm not going to stop expressing that opinion, and nor would I expect the leave side to stop expressing their opinions if remain won.

    If anything, I say we have a duty to keep talking about it. The leave campaign promised the people so many things - £350 million more funding for the NHS, and Australian-style immigration system, and not having any laws imposed on us by people we didn't elect. Now it has a responsibility to deliver its promises, and so far some of it's biggest supporters have admitted we might not actually be able to do some of those things... and leaving won't abolish the House of Lords after all.

    But I sincerely hope I'm proven wrong, and that leaving the EU does turn out to be a very good decision. What is certain though, is that young voters voted overwhelming to stay in, and support for the EU is correlated with youth. With this in mind, if the leave campaign cannot deliver on their promises, it is perfectly possible that in 10-20 years those who wanted to stay in will be in the majority, and there could well be a demand for a "Breturn" vote.

    I don't know. This was just something I felt I had to say, so yeah, I welcome discussion over whether this was really the best decision the British public made, and discussion over what we should do next, but please let's make it a proper discussion, no stupid memes about how I'm a crying baby or whatever.

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Updated: June 26, 2016
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