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Bad science teachers lead to bad grades watch

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    At the start of year 10 (this year) i was getting As and Bs in my tests. However, the teacher that was teaching us left to go on maternity leave. Since October/November, we had a new teacher teaching us. This teacher has been teaching us for about 8 months now...and my grades have gone down to as low as a D which isn't acceptable.

    Don't get me wrong, she is a nice person and everything, and when she teaches you individually she is really helpful, but she just cannot control our class. She is too laid back, doesn't like telling people when they're in the wrong or anything. I feel i have learned nothing since she has been teaching us and i am so so scared because i am doing my GCSEs next year and i have learned barely anything over the last 8 months of this teacher teaching us, because the class is so loud, so disruptive and those lessons have just turned into 'mess about' lessons for most of the people in there.

    Every other science lesson, we have a male teacher that will teach us Physics...but he is pretty much the same. Both of these teachers are awful when we are doing end of topic tests. They will come up to us in the middle of the exam and tell us the answers to some of the questions...this shouldn't happen at all.

    Also, i lost my Biology book. This had everything i needed for my GCSEs and was packed with information and work that i had done. I asked the teacher (the one that took over from my original) for a new book and it took her a month to finally get one for me. During that time, i had been working on paper, however i think i threw them out because i thought they were just pieces of rubbish. So i went to her and asked her if she could photocopy the work from someones book for me and she said she would... 2 months later i am still missing all of that work. I am missing so much work, it's unbelievable.

    I don't know what i'm supposed to do. Should i talk to the head of science about how far behind i am and about how bad my grades have gotten? Ask someone if i can move classes so that i can concentrate on my work? I'm really worried about how this is going to impact my GCSEs.

    Thanks for the help xx

    Similar situations have been happening/happened in my school, and I'm sure they happen everywhere.

    Definitely you should speak to your head of department (head of science) explaining everything and requesting to move classes. Not sure if they'll let you move class though, as the same must be happening to other students.

    The best thing now to do is either get a private tutor or self-study (learn and teach yourself). Self-study can be done by using a wide variety of sources, there's textbooks for each exam board and each subject which you can purchase, you could go to your (local/school) library and study there using books. Furthermore, the online world using the internet is massive. There's so many resources you can use online: videos, summary notes, animations etc..

    Have you tried videos. For aqa science there is freesciencelessons and you could also buy the revision guide from amazon. The videos are very helpful and can get you through the course.
    Hope this helped😁

    Chemistry and Physics by Primose Kitten (YouTube) is amazing.

    Also, if you think you're not making progress, get your parents involved to help you (talk to school or study).

    Don't worry. My chemistry and biology teachers left and we had literally hundreds of supply teachers maybe not that much but literally everyday we had new supply teachers coming and going and nobody cared about their exams and just messed about so the supply teachers didn't even teach us and people were not even bothered. This was in year 11 by the way! It was awful. So I wasn't being taught in school so I had to teach myself which is what I did. I didn't have a choice really either that or expect to fail. YouTube was a life saver for me. There was so many amazing resources that have helped me so much whilst I was teaching myself the content. I used a YouTube channel called Freesciencelessons which was just fantastic and learnt all the revision cards on the website and I learnt so much and in the exam I felt confident. I did past papers too and I felt ready and I was. There is also myGCSEscience check it out, though unit 1 is only free.
    Chemistry and Physics by Primrose Kitten was another YouTube channel I used as last minute revision and that was amazing and so helpful. Don't worry you have plenty of time you can do it! Just get organised early and if you do you'll see results. Never give up and believe in yourself. You can do much better than you ever thought you could but believe in yourself and work hard and the results will reflect that. I have just finished my exams and have left year 11!

    Best of luck.

    the best way possible is to get the textbooks for each science for your exam board, and teach yourself. you're at home, in a calm environment, no distractions. you have time all to yourself etc. and a whole summer plus a year to learn.
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