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    Hello TSR,

    I just wanted everyones opinion on the UK leaving the EU and what affects it might have on future graduates. Also will this discourage anybody going to university in the future.

    I look forward to your responses.


    For the next 2 years at least, nothing will be any different.

    However afterwards Europeans will not be allowed free education from Scotland (unless the Scottish government decide to continue funding however that would set an expensive precedent) or maybe Scotland will become independent and they will then continue this (if welcomed to the E.U.).

    The Erasmus scheme will still be in place but after the two-year negotiation it will probably change and I imagine something new of sorts will be put in place - universities will come together to create something similar - it is in their interest.

    Europeans may have to get a study visa like for example an Asian student - a costly and time-consuming process. But then again Britain may still have to accept freedom of movement - lol.

    I'm not sure it will make British universities less appealing.

    The main impact will be the significant cut in funding universities will receive. The average undergraduate student might not directly see this funding, but it will be a vital part of how their academic department runs, as well as the facilities that their universities have.

    If your university is responsible for any level of research in any academic field, or your university has been renovating/rebuilding on campus, that is likely in part to have received some form of EU funding.

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    jg2012 J-SP Singh89
    I have covered this issue extensively in one of my previous posts but I shall replicate parts of it here for the benefit of you and the others who may be reading this in future.

    I've seen many EU students on the Oxbridge threads who are desperate for the student loans and are worried about UK pulling out of EU.

    Two things will happen now that UK has pulled out of the EU on June 23. EU students will need to apply for student visas just like the rest of the students from outside the EU who want to study in the UK. These student visas are subject to stringent checks for fraudulent prior qualifications, criminal convictions, proof of healthy bank balance and evidence of English proficiency level.

    Next, the fee structure will be amended accordingly. EU students would need to pay International fees like all the students from the rest of the world, who for several decades have diligently paid up their costly tuition fees to the UK universities directly prior to the commencement of their studies, completed their degrees and then return to their home countries to seek employment.

    This is different to most of the EU students who take up these student loans, one after another and simply disappear after they've completed their studies without repaying the loans and the British government has to write off their bad debts. It's been reported several times and I'm really embarrassed when I read such articles. Why do EU students have such poor attitudes?




    In recent weeks, we have seen several EU students on the Oxbridge and London unis threads in this forum say something to the effect that
    • they couldn't care less about Brexit
    • all they care about is receiving funding and loans so that they can pursue their studies in UK
    • their teachers have told them that UK's government are so slow to effect any change it would take forever to implement them
    You will be pleased to know that I took screenshots of those replies of these selfish EU students and have emailed them to Oxford, Cambridge and the five London universities. Let these admission tutors know what is really happening on the ground. They are smart people and I am certain that in future, they will factor in this reality when deciding who to make offers to.

    Not much will change for a couple of years, as previously mentioned.

    If any of the big multinationals do jump ship to Dublin.Germany, there is obviously going to be an effect as these tend to be the largest graduate recruiters.

    Although I think it is likely that UK grads aren't going to be much worse off, but EU grads/students may struggle, depending on how hard it will be to get a visa.

    Saw this Brexit article on Facebook yesterday which points out that it could actually end up being easier for UK grads/students to get into jobs/university due to the removal of EU competition:


    Whatever happens, it will no doubt be interesting! I'm just glad I have already graduated and got a job before this!
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