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Oh goody... I'm going to sound like such an American, which is bad, because I'm not. Well, not very. (and on the long a's; they're not really that long. It's just as opposed to the ar sound some make)

Grass: graass
Laugh: laaf
Bath: baath
Neither: neether
Palm: pahm (not really, because you can hear the l... it's very strange)
Take: taike
Right: rite..
London: lundon
Lasagna: lasahgna
Teresa: terehsa
Bus: bus?
Last: lasst
Ask: assk
France: Fraance
Better: better
Saturday: Saturday (as far as I know)
Al Qaeda: Al Kaeeda
Room: room
Kenya: Kenja
Niger: Nijer
Marquess: (it's not meant to be marquee, is it?)
Data: dayta
Gieves: (I'm not even going to try to guess)
Shrewsbury: Shrewsbree... sorry.
Iraq: Iraak
Birmingham: Birmingham (I'm curious of my options)
Newcastle: As the um, American that I am... Newcaastle

What part of the country are you from: I'm not.

Now I feel ashamed...
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Grass: grarss
Laugh: larf
Bath: barth
Neither: neether
Palm: parm
Take: tayk
Right: right :\
London: lundn. i find it hard to believe that everyone seems to pronounce the end of this word 'don'. lun - don. sounds kinda odd!
Lasagna: lz-arn-yuh
Teresa: tuh-ray-zuh
Bus: buss
Last: larst
Ask: arsk
France: Frarnce
Better: bettuh
Saturday: sat-ur-day oddly enough!
Al Qaeda: al ky-eeduh
Room: room
Kenya: ken-yuh
Niger: niger
Marquess: mark-ess
Data: dartuh. i used to say daytuh! but then it all changed when i started italian. it made me pronounce things oddly..
Gieves: i have no idea, i have never said this word.
Shrewsbury: shrooz-burry
Iraq: i-rark
Birmingham: ber-ming-um
Newcastle: new-car-sul

What part of the country are you from: Devon
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