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Thinking of getting a job as a Deliveroo Cyclist in Oxford - any info welcome!!! watch

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    I have just finished my A2 exams and have realised this summer may be incredibly boring if I don't find a job.

    I like the idea of Deliveroo, as I could choose my hours (i.e. wake up late) and it would be outdoor and active. The pay doesn't seem to bad and I even read that you could get free food while waiting for orders. This all seems a lot more fun than just working in a shop for example.

    Is anyone else thinking of doing this, applying or already working 'for' deliveroo? - i use inverted commas as it is technically being self-employed.

    If anyone does already work as a deliveroo cyclist, what's it like, are customers and resaurant people friendly, is the company friendly. Also i have read that you have to pay for the equipment like the clothes, boxes and phone charger, is this true and if so how much?

    If you know anything at all about the job I would love to hear!!


    Yh I'm thinking of applying too. I have a BMX but I have a good feeling I'll need a mountain bike or something of that type. From my research the workers seem to love it but society seems to hate them, but society complains a lot especially in the UK. If its not you they're complaing about its someone else. From research Customers mostly like them but some are really unreasonable. I read someone complained that they won't be able to have dinner with their dad for the next few months because a courier was late, when the courier was actually on time.I heard you get a free battery pack which is nice because I thought I was going to get my own. I'm just currently working out the cost of things I'll have to get for myself before deciding if its actually worth it.My main worry is how a very small group of people that are "employed by them" are talking.

    I have been doing deliveroo for a year now and I have enjoyed every shift. Key is to look at it as a bit of exercisesnd fun. Cash is a bonus Also, when registering, the Referal code HO25066 gets you and extra £50 on your first pay day !

    Definitely give it a try if you are looking for a part time job, you can earn upwards of £200 just for your first 20 deliveries (you can do that in a day).

    I wrote a whole thread about it here : https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/sho....php?t=5196226

    Give it a read and drop me a message!
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