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Hi! My name is Patrick and recently I've been faced with a huge decision and cannot decide what to do!

My 'dream' is to become a Musical Theatre performer and hopefully be on the West End and in touring productions some day and so my main aim at the moment is to go to theatre school so that I can train and hone my skills in order to get an agent and subsequently get jobs.

I have just completed the first year of a two year BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Musical Theatre at a college in my city, however, I don't feel as though I am being pushed and challenged and most importantly, I don't feel as though I have progressed as a performer and so I decided to apply to Liverpool Theatre School for their Foundation course to complete for 'year 13' so that I have a better chance of getting into one one of the top schools in London (ArtsEd, GSA, Mountview, Laine's...).

I am fortunate enough to have not only been given a place on the Foundation course at LTS but I have also been offered a scholarship to help towards the fee's. However, since telling my college that I wouldn't be returning for second year, they informed that I would be making a huge mistake if I left having only completed one year of the course. I then consulted some respected members of my theatre company and they have advised me to leave and go to LTS. And so, after asking many people, the decision is split. A lot of people are telling me to stay at my college now and finish my course and many people are telling me to leave and go to LTS. But both have valid arguments.

I just don't know what to do! I was hoping someone out there could shed some light as to what would be the best route to go down in order to increase my chances of getting into theatre school.

PS. I have also emailed the schools I'd love to go to asking their opinions but they've yet to reply.
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As it usually goes, foundation degrees guarantee progression onto the higher course as long as you pass them. In which case, there is no point in continuing your BTEC. Look at the requirement for where you want to go and see which one is more likely to help you out. Not all places accept foundation degrees, but it's the same for BTEC.

In the end, it's more important that you enjoy it and feel it's right for you.
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Why is this in A-levels?

And go with LTS, those people in charge of your BTEC just don't want people dropping out because it looks bad on them.

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