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Hello all.

This may seem a bit pre-emptive as I haven't even got the grades yet to confirm my offer for Cambridge, but I have a question about next year.

Over the course of this revision period (A-levels) I discovered that I revise best when I've gradually amassed my revision materials throughout the year. The revision method that works the best for me is mindmaps - but I only tried this with RE revision, so I am unsure whether it would work with literature. My question is this: would the following plan be suitable for the structure of the course and exams at Cambridge?

Said plan:

For every book I read throughout the year, I make a mindmap as I go along, with the following categories: one colour for a line of argument, one colour for quotes, one colour for analysis of that quote, and one colour for a critical perspective in support of/in confliction with the line of argument. The mindmap colours would sort of build on each other, so that each line of argument would have various quotes/analyses/critical perspectives off-shooting from it.

In creating a mindmap for each text, I'd have a clear guide of my thoughts that would both help me to write my essay and also be a useful revision material during the exam period.

What do you reckon? Would that be a suitable method of approaching the course?

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