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This new wave of radical Islam needs to be stopped, tackled and defeated. Watch

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    Since the turn of the century, Islamic terror has dominated the global political agenda as a result of miscalculation and manipulation by western governments when it came to peace and stability in the region. The Iraqi invasion in 2003 was a disaster, so too was the west's approach in radical dictatorships in the Middle East region as it's led to an unprecedented vacuum in the region allowing far-right Islamic terror groups to flourish and manifest into a major international threat.

    Before we go on, I'd just like to say that I have no problem with law-abiding and peaceful Muslims, especially ones who make an active effort to integrate into society and those who don't isolate themselves from societal inclusion by residing in closet-communities in places like Birmingham and Bradford. As a young boy, my best friend growing up was a refugee from Iraq who came over to the UK shortly after the west's invasion of the region. Although he himself is no longer Muslim, his parents still practice the Islamic faith and they're some of the warmest and most tolerant people I've ever met.

    However, we cannot blind ourselves to the level of disharmony and disintegration Muslim groups in the west exude when it comes to social cohesion and western democracy. Even today, we are hearing reports of migrant men of 'foreign origin' sexually molesting a bunch of young girls at a music concert in Sweden and a taxi driver here in the UK refusing service to a blind man because the presence of his dog goes against his religion. Of course, even from the start of this year, the number of mass sex-crimes committed by Muslim men of North African or Middle Eastern origin has risen exponentially, with the Swedish Information Bureau accepting that 77% of all sexual assault cases in the country are committed by Muslims - a near 3% of the total population. Even among this, I doubt many of you need to be reminded of the Cologne attacks which occurred on the Eve of last year which saw over 100 young girls and women sexually assaulted by men who came to Germany from places like Somalia and Algeria. Although many European governments have tried to tackle the wave of ongoing sexual assault against young girls and woman, be it with the "Don't Touch Me" wristbands in Sweden or the compulsory sex education classes in Finland, the facts still show an uncomfortable rise in the number of sexual violence committed by men of North African and Middle Eastern origin.

    Yet this isn't just about sexual degradation. As the Muslim population in Europe has increased, so too as the level of disharmony in local communities, especially given the complete incompatibility western values has with Islamic scripture. In a poll produced last year by Channel 4 titled "What Do Muslims Think", it showed that more than 50% of the Muslim population in this country believed that homosexuality should be illegal with a similar number saying it should not be acceptable for a gay person to teach their children. Even more concerning, nearly 25% of those polled argued that they'd support the introduction of Sharia Law in British society should an opportunity to do so be presented. If Muslims who live in Europe still hold views which belong in the history books, then it's fair to assume that the Muslim consensus abroad will hold much more conservative views when it comes to radical Islam and barbarism. In an analysis done it late 2014 by Ben Shapiro, data was collected from the most recent opinion polls, many dating earliest from 2011, on common social and religious issues on which ordinary Muslims gave their opinions. As much as we're told radical Islam is only representative of a small minority of Muslim people, the analysis concluded that a whopping 680 million Muslims support beliefs that would be considered radical and far-right in any modern-day political context.

    So now we have recognised the problem, what should we be doing about it? As much as we can criticise modern-day Islam for its backward ideals, there's no use in employing a narrative if we don't have any constructive and relevant proclamations in which to tackle it. In the UK itself, we need to do three things: get rid of faith schools, ensure all migrants speak English and push for ethnic, cultural and religious diversity in ostracised parts of the country. On a geopolitical level, more needs to be done to tackle the uncontrollable wave of immigration which is coming from the Middle East and North Africa, especially given current immigration levels are highly unsustainable and put immense pressures on local communities, creating many implications about which we've already discussed. If you want to stop refugees, you have to do one of three things: accept everybody, accept nobody or solve the problem. Given that the first option is unrealistic on an economic front, we're left with either options two and three. What we need to do is send a clear message that if immigrants want to apply for asylum in the UK, they must do it through a legal process and not be successful if they try and border hop from country to country. By admitting refugees who do choose to emigrate on foot, we're creating an even bigger problem wherein thousands upon thousands of people are travelling across borders which is putting immense pressures on local governments, not to mention the death toll in the Mediterranean as a result of illegal trade and people smuggling. Finally, we need to get our bombs out of the Middle East. The moment a western bomb lands on foreign soil it acts as a weapon of propaganda for the militia groups operating in the region to proclaim that the west are engaging in a war against Islam. As soon as a western bomb kills an innocent civilian, it creates a huge insurgence of support for the people whom we're trying to quell as well as further contributing to the refugee crisis. Tackling Islamic terror will only be achieved by fellow Muslim states leading the offensive as it contradicts Islamic States' propaganda. The west should only provide economic and political support where necessary.

    The reason I'm bringing this up is because we are seeing an unprecedented rise in right-populism throughout Europe. In the Netherlands, the PVV are leading handsomely in the polls. In France, the FN are polling strongly against the UMP. In Germany, the AfD are the fastest growing political movement. In Sweden, the Swedish Democrats are polling strongly against the incumbent government. In Denmark, the Danish People's Party are second in the polls. In Austria, the Freedom Party have another chance of being elected after only losing by a few thousand votes earlier this year. If we do not address the shocking reality of Islamic disharmony in the west and abandon so-called political correctness, it's only a matter of time before nationalism and populism prevail again in Europe.

    Well written and some great points made, it is certainly a big problem of course.

    Before I go any further you need to understand I am certainly not a "Leftie" or a "Muslim Sympathizer" nor have I anything to gain from saying what i am about to say.. I am a White British male who understands the problems some ethnic minority groups can cause throughout the Western world. The same could be said for anybody in fact there are people from all groups who cause problems in all societies. If a few people are committing these terrible crimes they should be caught and punished. If the punishment was more severe, then that would help to combat the problem.

    It is not the people that are always the problem, it is the systems we have in place to deter these people also. If the punishment was more severe for a conviction of rape then this might help to lower the rate committed?

    We have many famous people being accused and convicted of rape including politicians, tv personalities and so on.. yet the coverage in the news is very little. So could it be that the main stream media report the crimes caused by ethnic minorities more?

    I think radical feminism and liberalism are a bigger cancer in the west. The way that teen motherhood and mixed raced kids have become mainstream is very worrying indeed - unsurprising given the tidal wave of NWO/zionist propaganda encouraging them to do so.

    Islamic radicalism is nothing new, if anything it is on the decline. 300 odd years ago they were marching armies into Europe, now it is a few nutters blowing themselves up.

    The issue is that it is now ingrained into the west as an endemic problem, due to the lack of desire in Islamic communities to integrate and assimilate as they should within their host culture, in stark contrast to other immigrant groups. In order to tackle that, we simply apply the law equally in Islamic communities as you would in any other (which isn't happening at the moment, google it), educate those in said communities far better in how society in the west functions, and try to break up the ghettos.

    The real difficult issue to deal with is the rise of the radical left. Not only did their utopianism allow the rise of regressive Islamic culture in the west, they are also an active opponent of free speech, right to bear arms and other fundamental civil liberties our brightest minds have churned out for the last 300 years. They want to annihilate the culture that allows them to exist, they wish to regress back to laws based on race and other things characteristics out of a person's control. The Antifa are probably the most disgusting and simultaneously funny example, as they act exactly like the SA did.

    I have confidence that we can deal with radical islam and the issues with the incompatibility of cultures reasonably well in coming years, but only if we defeat utterly this idiotic, self-righteous and violent segment of society wherever it persists, especially where it has manifested itself within government and academia.
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