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    Hey guys! I'm 18 and I've been suffering from anxiety ever since I was little but I didn't know it was anxiety I thought I was extremely shy but recently I've started to feel very out of life I feel so weak and I feel worthless and I feel that I do not have control over my life I feel that I am going with the flow, my anxiety is really effecting my daily life I tend to stay at home because I don't like going out due to all these negative feelings I have towards myself I cannot even ask a shop keeper where certain items are and would rather take a. Hour looking for it myself to avoid talking to them.

    I have never self harmed and never will but I hate talking to my family about things like this as i don't want them worrying or constantly watching my every move. I am not confident at all whatsoever and have tried many things to boost it but i failed to do so I feel that my anxiety has Created a negative impact on my education because I am unable to achieve my highest and my best also I struggle talking to people and going out as I constantly think I'm being judged by people I probably am not but I guess my pessimistic view is ruining my life I feel that I have lost interest in the things I was interested in way before my anxiety became obvious, in the past i had toxic friendships with a few people however I have cut them out of my life I am not sure what triggered my anxiety but it has affected me mentally and physically my friends are unaware of what I'm currently going through as I don't talk about my feelings towards them as I don't want to rubb off my negative energy on them. I'm turnin 19 soon and will have to find work soon I just don't know how I'm going to cope.

    I just want advise from someone who is experiencing or has experienced anxiety and want to know how I can overcome this view of life and myself [thanks for reading I tried making it as short as possible]
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    I've had anxiety for a long time and I think bottling it up is not the best option, when you confide in people, they want to help you and you feel better too so I would say to tell your parents and maybe see a doctor and explore options. But I'm having problems with it too at the moment so I may not be in a good position to advise, that's just my experience anyway.
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