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A poet named Henry David Thoreau once wrote “I cannot make my days longer, so I strive to make them better”. This quote has really inspired me and helped encourage me to not give up and to be resilient. With this election here at Seven Kings, we also have an opportunity to make our days better, and I have plenty of ideas I wish to put forward to succeed.

The welcoming ethos of the school formed by both the attentive staff and friendly students helped me settle into Seven Kings effortlessly. The teachers enrich the lessons with their enthusiasm and innovation, enhancing the subject, and the available support allows students to overcome the challenges of the first year in high school. However, not all students can settle in to somewhere new with ease, and be confident enough to express their ideas without the thought of being judged. Therefore, I want to help those students at Seven Kings become confident enough to get their voice heard, no matter what year group they are in. If I become head girl I would like to start a pupil council. Whilst most ideas and events carried out at seven kings are mainly thanks to the hard work of teachers, students should be given that extra responsibility to handle bigger events that occur in school. Whilst giving students a voice and more responsibility it is also helping the quieter students become more confident. It also encourages interaction and communication between different year groups.

A head girl needs to be: responsible, respectful, polite, caring and most of all someone who includes everyone and their ideas. I know that I am able to do all these things and more. Seven kings has been a big part of my life for the past few years and as clichéd at it sounds, the experiences that I have had so far, have really helped to start shape me into the kind of person I want to be; and I don't want to feel like I'm taking without giving back. I want to be a voice for those who feel like they don't have one. I want raise awareness for the little things in school that matter to making school that tiny bit more enjoyable.

I am very dedicated to this school and show it by getting involved wherever possible for example, I am currently part of the charity peer committee and last year I took part in a school performance which was an opportunity opened to students from year 7-year 13. I was also a part of the year 7rounders team and attended netball, trampolining and girls football club. I also currently attend running club and show clear dedication towards running as I have participated in a mini marathon and go on morning jogs every Sunday. Also being a student who took part in the Jack Petchey speak out challenge I believe I have the required speaking and communicating skills for such an important role such as this. Also being a student who won the spirit of the year award in year 9, this boosted my level of confidence and motivated me to participate more towards the school community. Finally, I am also a student who has once again been nominated to receive an award during the 2016 award ceremony. That list almost seemed endless.

Seven Kings is a highly praised establishment, often labelled as top performer in education by the surrounding area. Keeping this in mind I am working really hard to earn the best possible GCSE grades and take on as many responsibilities and opportunities within the school so in a couple of years I can say ‘I am a proud member of the Seven Kings sixth form’.

can you please help me improve this and maybe add in a little humour

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