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    Heyya, I've really liked this girl for a while and I'm just really hung up on what to do, if you don't want to read everything, that's essentially it. If not, they read on ahead...

    So we're both 19, I've been single about 18 months, her probably a year. We're best friends from school, and I just think the world of her... She's pretty, she makes me laugh, she's pretty much everything I'm looking for. I don't want to come across as obsessive or anything, but she's just a great friend that I've got feelings for. And I don't think I'm really in the friend zone, some of our friends say how cute we are, and she never downplays it.

    So yeah, my heart is saying go for it, but my head has 2 main concerns. Firstly, I'm going to uni in Nottingham in sept, and she's already in Birmingham. I don't think the distance is an issue, I mean, it's like 45 minutes which is nothing, but idk, it could be a problem. But the main thing is I kind of want to go alone and get the whole experience. By NO means does that mean I'll see what's around, if not I'll just fall back on her. I've said it to my friends as well, I don't want them around for a couple of weeks so I get that chance to make friends independently.

    Secondly is simply the fact that we are best friends... She used to date another guy from our friendship group. They broke up without any real drama, but even so it's kinda awkward to do events and stuff, and I wouldn't want it effecting us lot like that. Also, she's the person I turned to when I broke up last time, simply because she is so close to me and good with that sorta thing. I can't help thinking that losing my gf and be would just be devastating.

    So yeah, that's about it, what you think? :/

    Opening your feelings to her may disrupt your friendship as she may not feel the same,truss me it's happened to me, things are not the same after. Try find out if she likes you, get a trustworthy female friend whose close to her and you to see how she feels about you. If there's any feeling them I say go for it as you may live to regret it

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    Sorry but if you've been friends for that long and you haven't made a move yet then you probably are in the friend zone.

    Ask yourself if it's worth losing your friendship with this girl by asking her out. She may say yes, but it's not very likely given your position.

    Take the advice from someone who was once in your position. Asked one of my closest friends out on a date, she said no and we're not friends anymore.
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