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    I'm sorting out my application for accommodation for this coming autumn.
    I set out to prioritise 39 week en suite halls, but since I can only choose two I think I will choose Bluebell and Sherbourne, but I can't decide which to put first. I realise this is not THAT important, but I would appreciate any comments from propective or current students anyway Pros and cons?

    Anything regarding any accommodation hall will also be greatly appreciated ^^


    Bluebell is really central and close to the SU, shops, departments etc. It's the closest hall to Gibbet Hill where the life sciences and medical students are based. The accommodation is nice; it is one of the newest halls in addition to Sherbourne, I believe they have double beds and good wardrobe space. The criticisms of Bluebell include: it's very expensive, it can be isolated as the security is much higher and a lot of international students who don't socialise much. It's been compared to being more like a hotel as opposed to a typical university hall

    Sherbourne is one of the furthest away from central campus, if you're studying in the business school then the distance is probably not too bad. It's the newest hall and from speaking to the friends who have lived there, they have all been really happy there. There is generally a good community feeling and you often spot wildlife nearby. One of the biggest detractors is the distance from central campus it's about 15 minutes walk from central campus. There is however a shuttle bus that runs throughout the day which stops at Sherbourne.*

    I haven't lived in either but would be happy to help if you have any other questions.

    Anyone staying at bluebell who would like to swap for sherbourne as it is super close to the business school and also close to pitches, sports centre and soundproof. Sherbourne is cheaper and the rooms are big too. I will also pay for any fees incurred for the transfer. Get back to me asap If you know anyone who wants to swap that is staying at bluebell send them my way too
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Updated: October 9, 2016
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