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    Hello, confused norwegian girl really desperate for help/viewpoints here..

    I'm looking at studying veterinary medicine abroad and having some problems deciding what to do. I'm from Norway and have applied to the norwegian veterinary school, but seeing as there's only one school in the whole country and extremely few places I sadly don't really think I'll get in, which is frustrating as I know I will be very close to making it...
    Because of this I have looked into studying in England but as I'm sure you all know its not necessarily any easier to get accepted there, rather the opposite. Still, I'm currently getting help from someone to at least try applying for next year and see where it goes as the requirements are a bit different from those in my country, and living in England has always been a dream of mine.

    However, I've also looked into studying in central Europe, and to my surprise I actually find it quite appealing, especially with the living costs being incredibly low compared to Norway. I would also not really have to worry about funding since I would be getting loans and a grant from the student loan fund in Norway. All of the deadlines for this year have expired, and so I was prepared for a gap year where I could earn some money and maybe travel a little even though I really would like to get started on my education asap. I had a thought of applying to the schools in England this October and then sit the entrance exams for Budapest and maybe Brno next spring if I didn't make it into vet. school in the UK.

    As I was researching the schools in Europe I e-mailed a few of the Norwegian representatives and asked for a little more information regarding the different schools. Suddenly, I got an email from the people who deal with the entrance exams in Warsaw and Brno saying the school in Warsaw still had a few spots available and that an extra entrance exam possibly could be held if I wanted to try for a place.

    I've tried searching for experiences of the school in Warsaw and found it difficult, however I did find out that the school is not eaeve approved. Apparently not many norwegians go to this school, and most seem to go to Wroclaw (which in my understanding is not approved either?) or Budapest.

    I'm really struggeling to make up my mind about this, ecspecially since I have not gotten the results from the norwegian school yet (they come through around the 20th of July), and the exam for Warsaw would have to be held either this upcoming week or the first week of August. I'd originally set my mind on going to Budapest next year as there are so many norwegian students there and it seems a very "safe" choice, but now I'm not sure what to do?? And I've also thought about maybe trying for Warsaw this year and then possibly transfer to Budapest next year; does anyone know if this would be possible/a good idea?

    Any help or viewpoints with this would be extremely appreciated! And sorry in advance for any english mistakes in regards of language, this is not my first language..

    Both Warsaw and Wroclaw are approved by the EAEVE.
    Warsaw only conditionally though.
    But with Brexit on the way I'm sure Warsaw will do their best to keep their status and improve even further, so I wouldn't worry about that too much.

    SGGW have their own fb group and there are Norwegian students there
    Just join the group and I'm sure they'll answer your questions.

    My personal opinion is a bit biased as I absolutely hate Warsaw as a city and would choose Wroclaw over SGGW any day.
    So I can't help you with choosing between the two, but if I don't get into any of the UK vet schools, Wroclaw is my first choice

    Just to throw it out there, there is also the Animal Science Joint Study Programme between Nord University in Bodø and UVM Kosice.
    The first 3 semesters are done in Bodø then the next 3 semesters in Kosice. You graduate with a Bachelor in Animal Science after 3 years, then a DVM 3 years later.

    There are lots of Norwegian students and ANSA members here (both on the JSP course and GVM) so if you'd like any more information I can put you in contact with some of them

    Information here.

    Also worth mentioning that Kosice is not approved by the EAEVE anymore.

    Very true Kosice was granted Non Approval following a visit last year; mainly due to inadequate equine isolation box, lack of mandatory OOH clinical rotations and insufficient computerised records in English.

    All easy things to rectify (they predicted the problems ahead of the visit and were working to change them) so it is worth noting that since then a brand new Small Animal Hospital and Clinic of Ruminants have been built, both due to open this September.
    The university have employed a European Diplomat in Equine Surgery also starting in September.

    I sought advice from the RCVS and was told:
    "EAEVE accreditation has never been a factor in whether or not we were required under EU and UK legislation to recognise approved EU qualifications from EU vet schools. We had to recognise them if held by EU nationals or EU rights entitled persons regardless of whether or not they were EAEVE accredited."


    I am from the UK and looking to to enroll on the Joint Study programme between Norway and Slovakia for 2017 entry, is there anyone on the course you could put me in contact with?

    Thank you

    Do you speak Norwegian?
    The Joint Study Programme is for Norwegian students. You will need upper secondary school Norwegian language education.
    "Special admission requirements in science: Mathematics R1 or S1 + S2 (equivalent to High School AS-level) and Chemistry 1 + 2 (equivalent to High School A-level). Applicants apply through"

    If you are a school leaver from the UK you would apply straight to UVM Kosice for the 6 year GVM course.
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Updated: September 18, 2016
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