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My friend kissed me at a party whilst drunk. Does this mean he's attracted to me? watch

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    A few months ago I went to a friend's birthday party at his house, and this friend, a guy I've known since middle school, was also there. As a guy myself I feel I am bi-curious as whilst my main attraction is in girls, there are the occasional guys who I also feel attracted to, and this friend is one of them. For the last few years I've had this really strong sexual attraction towards him which I've wanted to pursue, but I could never really tell if he felt the same way about me or not and so I didn't.

    There were a few occasions when, years ago back at school (I'm now at uni) when we were getting changed for PE in the changing rooms, sometimes he would ask me if I liked his boxers and showed them to me. And another time at a sleepover last year, he came downstairs wearing only his boxers and whilst I was fully clothed, he stayed like that throughout the morning and we just talked, and he even went out in his back garden at one point like that. I could tell he didn't care. I messaged him later though as to why he only wore his underwear that morning, and he said "I never wear anything else unless its cold or im going out 😉".

    But there were also times many years before this sleepover when I once tried putting my head on his shoulder and he lightly shoved me off, and another when we were in the bathroom together and he was doing a wee whilst I was brushing my teeth, and he told me not to look at his "thing" whilst that was going on?

    But the last time we saw each other was this party a couple of months ago and this is when lots of really weird stuff happened. So he started out OK but got progressively drunk as the night went on. The first time things started to happen was when I took a shot that everyone had been nagging me to do, and when I downed it all, as everyone cheered he kissed me on the side of my forehead. Later when we were out in the garden, I was standing with him and a couple of other friends, and at some point he asked me if I thought he was sexy, to which I jokily replied "yes" (even though I really meant it).

    However, it was before I left that night where the oddest things happened. He was a lot more drunk at this point and we were standing in the hallway. He pecked me on the cheek which I just sort of brushed over as he'd done it earlier, but then he went in and pecked me on the lips. A few seconds later he went in again and kissed me just above my top lip, which lingered for a few seconds. I don't think he said much at the time, but when I messaged him about it the next day after he sobered up, he'd completely forgotten and just laughed about it. I thought he would defend himself by saying "oh I'm sorry, it doesn't mean anything, I was just being stupid!" but he never did, he just laughed at the fact that it had happened.

    I know he was drunk and all that, but I also know that when someone is drunk they tend to do or say what they really feel because their senses basically shut down, and I'm wondering now whether or not he might actually be attracted to me as well? I don't know and I could be looking into this all wrongly, but it seems like an indication. A few years ago I would have thought that he didn't, but in these last couple of years the indications have been much stronger and so now I don't know.

    Unfortunately he's currently working in Australia and I don't yet know when he'll be back and so I can't see him for the moment, but when he does and if we meet up, would it be worth trying to act on these feelings or telling him? And do you think that from this he might feel the same about me, or am I looking into this too much? Thanks for your suggestions!

    My friend has made out with a guy when he was drunk but he's straight
    But every situation is different, idk
    Maybe bring it up again when he comes back and watch his reaction

    Nah. He won't be attracted to you. You can do some rather silly things when you're drunk, but it won't lead to a full-on crush. He probably thought you were someone else...
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