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    I'm 25 and I have two groups of friends, well 1 now.

    1st group of friends i used to go out and do things with. One of those was clubbing, and 1 fella in that group thought he was a right ladies man, was very stubborn nothing was his fault and when challenged on it would turn it around and make it mine/other perons fault. Generally not a nice person. Anyway, he started to 'bully' me humiliate me in front of girls at the club. Pick on me, get me drunk on purpose (rig drinking games) - all of our other group follow him like sheep and never speak up which is why he thinks he is gods gift. It doesnt help he always gets what he wants as well, the other person who used to stand up to him broke up with his mrs and turned into a follower and lost his backbone. Anyway, I decided enough was enough and walked away from these 'friends'

    2nd group of friends I feel more close to, speak to almost every day, group chat, xbox do things of a weekend when we can.

    Anyway, both my group of friends will intertwine from time to time. People in my 2nd group of friends always asked why I continue to hang around him (until the point I said enough was enough) now, they invite me and him to things, knowing full well that we dont get on and he used to bully me (Or try to anyway, just treated me like ****, always made me feel bad, standing up to him did no good) then they moan at me and tell me to be an adult and hang around him. Like w.t.f?! and adult would cut that **** out of my life.

    If they were real friends they'd stop talking to the bully - their excuse is "he didnt do anything to me so im going to continue talking to him you have no right to tell me who i can and cant hang around with" which to me says that they are championing his behaviour towards me and dont give two tosses about how I feel/felt about the whole situation.

    I havent spoken to anyone for the past two days to make a point. Especially since they mocked me for giving me reasons as to why I want them to not talk to me, even after they were the ones who originally wondered why I continued to talk to him. So I finally think enough is enough and cut the other group of 'friends' out of my life and I'm being mocked for not wanting to spend time with the guy & wanting them to stop talking to him and stop inviting me out if he's there.

    Its a f**king insult and I really dont want to lose another group of friends and be left with literally no - one.

    Have I hung around the wrong people my whole life? I finally stop being for lack of a better term 'beta' grow some *******s become a confident man and I'm on the verge of losing my other friends. I refuse to back down on this. Its an insult and yet AGAIN this t*ssbag 'wins' - I will lose out because they wont text me because they all agree with one another that 'he didnt do anything to me so im going to continue to hang around with him' - so cowardice!

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    yes. you have every right to be annoyed. friends are people who should make you feel good about yourself and who you should enjoy being around. if this doesnt happen then these people simply aren't your friends. I know it seems harsh but its true. sorry babes
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    Id have no one left
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