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    So i had my naval pierced when i was about 16-17 but i caught it on a jeans zipper and it got really red, swollen and flakey and eventually rejected, which left a small but thick scar.

    I had it re pierced on the 8th and there has been no blood or puss or flaking, no redness, a small scab forming on the lower hole and the top hole seems very clean. Today i noticed the swelling has gone down but there seems to be enough fat over the bar....It seems ok so far but i am worried about a second rejection. It may have just been because it got severely caught last time?

    What are your thoughts people?
    Anyone had a naval piercing?
    Rejection stories?
    Healing times?

    I should add that i caught it on the second day last time so i've no idea of the healing process, as it has been 3 days i am officially excited that it has not rejected yet haha
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    Congrats on your new piercing! Be sure to keep it clean, and try wearing slightly looser clothes for a couple of weeks until it's had chance to settle. Warm water with a little bit of salt is great for cleaning with. If you use something store bought, you risk a reaction and you don't really want to be putting a bunch of chemicals into a fresh piercing either. It's more likely to get irritated that way. Try and stay away from clothes that rub on it, and try not to catch it on a zipper this time Don't play with it, and wash your hands before touching it. Of course, don't take out/replace the jewellery until it's healed. If you think it might be infected, leave the jewellery in and see your piercer. The problem with taking it out is that the infection could end up trapped under the skin, and taking out the jewellery won't solve the infection anyway. Things like that are usually healed up enough to change in about 6-8 weeks, although if your clothes rub a lot and it gets irritated you may want to wait a little longer. Your body is of course different to everyone else's so listen to your gut with this. If something seems wrong, pop in to your piercer and they should be able to let you know if it's fine or not.

    I've never had a naval piercing but I know people who have and I've got other piercings myself, too. I've had a few ear piercings reject. That's when I learned I was allergic to nickel, which is in a lot of things. Titanium is a saviour.
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