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Hello all,

I have recently compleated first year Biomedical Science (results to come out this Friday), and I feel like I fell into a bit of a trap by committing more resources to extra reading rather than looking at the powerpoints.

I can't help but think if I instead committed all my time and energy into learning the powerpoints off by heart I would have done much better in these exams, which leads me to think:

For the remainder of my degree, is it easier to put all my time and energy into powerpoint memorization, and do a very little extra reading, or to go don't learn the powerpoints as much but the bits I do learn would be supplemented by extra reading?

The obvious pros to just doing the slides are that I really enjoy looking through the slides and getting knowledge in that way, plus its pretty easy, and they obviously can't test you on something they haven't taught you. As well as they don't know what extra reading you have done, therefore it would be blind luck if you got a question that you have seen.

However, the cons are if you do just do slide memorization then you won't get a greater level of understanding, but at the end of the day a degree to me is not about understanding, it's about getting a piece of paper that says you can work to a classification.

If anyone has any thoughts/theories/advice they could give me then that would be top. My course is heavily exam based too, as a point of note, obviously, this does not work with essays.

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You need to find a balance between the two. In your final year (this was for me at least, it may be different in different unis) you will be expected to do extra reading and when you write essays for exams the extra reading will be a difference between grade boundaries too. It also depends on the type of assessment because if you're going to be asked short answer questions or multiple choice questions then that's factual recall for which lecture slides will be sufficient. Picking relevant info from papers, choosing papers to read and analysing papers are critical skills for this degree as well.

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