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    My two 'best friends' went to glastonbury without me because they like doing things together and didn't invite me.

    One of my friends spoke to me when we met up in summer about it (we were drunk)…she said that my other friend is weird and likes doing this on their own together and i shouldn't be afraid to say i was annoyed, i didn't mention it because i saw more point, it just showed what they are like. One of the girls i am extremely close with, however she still went and did this? she said to me when i was talking to her about it that she's never had a friend like me ever, so close and like sisters?

    I don't really know what to do about it to be honest...

    Dont bother. Honestly not even worth it focus on yourself and better things will come in time

    This is a hard (and hurtful) situation. Girls, as you know, can be mean... even if that isn't their
    intention. The girl issuing the invitation can invite whoever she wants. Generally speaking people who behave in an exclusive sort of manner have issues of their own it's just hard when you are the one
    being left out. Now if the girl who did the inviting paid for the tickets then perhaps it was a matter or economics but it would still feel bad on your end. As far as the girl you're especially close to the situation
    is hard for her too. She likes the other girl, wanted to go to the festival but probably realized you'd find out and be hurt so she was left feeling awkward. There is no easy solution here and time will
    play things out.
    How old are you? I had a very similar situation when I was in school. Off and on for many years I've
    thought I was good friends w/ with two girls and one in particular only to be left by her. The three of us would do things together or we'd do things just w/ two of us (I did things w/ each separately and they did things together w/ out me) but I never stopped feeling sensitive about being left out and made to feel like I wasn't "good enough" until I went away to uni. In my case the girl I was
    closest to was the one who said we were best friends etc. but she ultimately
    left me out many times and since we went to different high schools she'd act like she didn't even really know me around her high school friends but when we were together I was her "best friend". Ugh...and I allowed it. I had a lot of other friends but I allowed myself to feel hurt by her actions.
    My two other friends
    went off to uni together - although oddly they don't hang out at all together -and I went someplace else on my own. I made really good friends and it kind of took the 'power' of the other situation away
    because I genuinely prefer hanging out with my uni friends more anyway.
    So you have to decide what you're willing to put up with. If you are super close to one of the girls arrange for you two to do something fun together. You might want to distance yourself from the girl
    who seemingly dividing your friend group. Or, you can let it roll off your back and not give the
    situation power. Only you can determine how much power it will have. If you want to keep the group close then ignore the festival and keep on keeping on. If it becomes a regular pattern you'll either have to say something or find new people to hang out with. Sorry, I wish I could give you something concrete.
    Only you can decided if these girls are really your friend in the true sense of the word. Good Luck.
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