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Is it normal for sex to hurt if you only have sex every couple of months mimimum watch

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    Since August last year up to today I have probably had sex about 3-4 times (spaced out, same guy, casual partner). 19 Y at uni.

    Every time I sleep with this guy I'm normally a bit drunk (at university, happens on nights out) which masks the pain but it nearly always ends with me wanting to stop because I'm sore from the tightness. I haven't slept with anyone in a couple of months because of exams and I'm actually now looking to start dating, but I'm scared that sex will be really painful because it's been even longer than usual! I tried with a dildo last night and got it in, but it hurt. Could only do it for about a minute but I guess that could also be from not being very turned on/anticipation of pain. Is it normal for my vagina to be this tight, or should I see a GP? I don't want to bother them if it's just the reality that if I don't have sex for a while my vagina gets tighter. I've always been really tight - like before I lost my viginity, I couldn't even use tampons. It look at last 3 round of sex for me to properly loose my virginity and I cried. A lot.
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    To be honest, I think that it's normal - during sex your vagina does get streched out... I'm not sure. I think it's normal.
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    That must be worrying for you. I'm sorry it's so painful. It sounds like it would be good to see a doctor. Don't worry, you wouldn't be wasting their time. They may suggest that you almost 'train' yourself to be able to stretch. If they believe it's partly psychological, like you said about anticipation of pain, then they may be able to help you there too. It would be worth trying more lubricant, for sure. That would likely make things less painful for you, but I'd definitely check things out with a doctor so you know if you can do anything else. Good luck!

    yeah chelseadagg3r

    that is correct you have to see a doctor and he will help you indeed

    and do not cry that is not good for your health...all the best sweet Anonymous
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    Hi, I would say go to your doctor certainly. Generally, if you're aroused and relaxed enough, it should not hurt to insert a tampon, penis or dildo.

    I have a condition called vaginismus. It's basically a psychological condition but the symptoms of physical pain are certainly real and unavoidablr at the time! It's where some trigger in the past (such as a painful first time or worry about pain) has led to the muscles involuntarily contracting. This may be nothing to do with your pain but it could be, and I like to mention it as its something people don't talk about enough - it's seen as a faux pad when actually, it's a medical condition that should be treated the same as any other. If this is the case it sounds like you would have a mild version as you are still able to insert things, and it sounds like tampons are fine now. If you are diagnosed with vaginismus in the UK they'll probably prescribe dilators for you to use to train yourself to not tense up. My doctor was very understanding and it was a huge relief to finally tell them!

    Whatever the case, the doctor would want to examine you anyway, and probably send you to a gyno to do the same. There can be various causes like a persistent infection or a physical difference that's been there from birth. There are treatments for both of these too.

    Good luck, and if you have any questions feel free to ask

    Pay a trip to the GP,you're not the only woman who has this issue so nothing to be afraid of of embarrassed about
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