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    I recently got the results for my LPC electives, and unfortunately I failed one (employment law and practice-48). I am disappointed with this. I believe that I failed this module because of my time management in the exam (although my time management was good with the other exams, it wasn't for this module), and I am not prepared to make up excuses for this fail. As gutted as I am about the result,I am also worried about how law firms will view this and I am worried in case I am rejected for paralegal/trainee roles because of this (I am only applying for paralegal roles at the moment because I am fed up of the rejections I've had after being invited to so many interviews/assessment centres). To give you a background, I averaged at a high commendation in part 1 of the course (69), got a competent for every skill and achieved 77 in commercial property and 63 in the other elective. I am also annoyed at the fact that I can now only get a "pass" due to my employment module, despite having an average which is much higher than the pass classification (50-59). I have not taken any resits for any of the other LPC modules, as I passed them all first time round.

    Apart from the fail in employment module, I would consider myself to be a relatively decent candidate for a paralegal/trainee role (by no means the best but not bad either). I have A*-B GCSEs, A*-A in every AS/A Level I have sat, along with a 2.1 LLB from a Russell Group uni. Furthermore, I have a year's experience as a paralegal in a practice area that is lucrative for firms at present (and one that isn't employment law!). I have other stuff on my CV, but won't bore anyone with the details. Despite this, I am worried in case recruiters will see the one fail as a stain on my CV and ignore me because of it, even though it is an anomaly in my academic record, because I have never failed anything ever, and never had to resit any exam in any stage of my academic life. Also, I am worried if recruiters ask about my LPC results during interview, as I am scared to tell them that I failed a module and they reject me because of that fail. Any advice is greatly appreciated !

    If you were getting invites to interviews/assessment centres, then you clearly have enough of everything else on your CV, it's just your performance in those later stages that has been the issue.

    Because of this, I don't think this is a lost cause. If you weren't getting interviews before this result, it would suggest something else was missing from your application and that combined with your employment module would probably be large hurdle to try and overcome.

    Some firms will state their trainees have to obtain a certain standard/grade in the LPC. You will have to avoid them but apart from that it sounds like this is one anomaly out of a set of strong academic results and therefore some firms might be ok with it.

    With anyone in this position or a similar one, you just have to be a bit more proactive in speaking to firms before applying and getting their stance on your grades. Instead of wasting several hours filling in an application form, you can spend 5-10 minutes on the phone speaking to them, or a couple of hours speaking to them at a campus/office event. If it was me, I'd invest that time and find the firms more open to my set of circumstances.

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