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    I've had a big crush on my sister's friend for a few years now. I'm 19, and she's 17.

    I just don't know whether she likes me in the same way or not. We've never had long conversations in person or have hung out together on our own, but we do get on well and I've certainly known her the longest out of all of my sister's friends. But it's only in the last few years where I've developed these stronger feelings for her and I don't know if she may feel the same way or not, and if so should I try to pursue it?

    When we were both at upper school, there would be many times where I would walk past her, whether she was alone or with other friends, and if she saw me she would always say "hi rob!", whether I'd noticed her beforehand or not, and of course I'd always say "hi" back. There was even one occasion where I was walking through the grounds, and she was hanging out with a group of friends right on the opposite side, a fair distance from me. I hadn't noticed her, but she saw me and she actually called "hi rob!" right out to me, and of course I responded when I saw it was her. There were also a couple of times where I was around her in a group of people, and I would say something she'd find funny and say things like "love you rob!" which I didn't really know what to make of.

    I've since started uni and she still goes to my old school so we don't bump into each other anymore. I did send her a quick message before I went just wishing her luck with sixth form, ending it with two kisses, and she responded with just one kiss, although a few years before we used to gossip a little bit on Facebook about my sister and would normally share two kisses.

    However, I have seen her a couple of times since coming back for the holidays, both times at the gym. They're both fairly similar circumstances, but the first time my sister and her were going together and I came along with them, and the friend said hi and asked how I was, and as she left, she said goodbye to me and wished me well for my next semester, which is something that my sister's other friends don't normally do.
    The other time at the gym was this Summer, and it was a little embarrassing because I was on the equipment with headphones on, and she and another friend used the equipment a few rows down from me, and the friend called "hi" to me and asked how I was, and obviously I had to remove my headphones first, but I thought it was nice she said something despite that. We didn't really speak again that day although we did occasionally see each other and make eye contact when using the other equipment and we both smiled at each other when we did.

    I've just had my birthday, and she never normally posted anything on my wall, but this year she surprisingly did, saying "Happy birthday rob! Have a lovely day", which was nice to see considering my sister's friends don't normally do that. When I got Instagram last year, I followed her and she followed me back. She has also liked a few pictures of me that I've posted on Facebook and Instagram as well, including my most recent profile picture.

    I know she may just be being nice, but at the same time she always made the effort to say something to me when at times there literally was no need. For instance, when she was hanging out with her friends and she called right across to me when I hadn't even seen her, and none of my sister's other friends are this friendly with me.

    As of September I'll be in my second year at uni and she'll be in Year 13, but my uni isn't too far from home so travelling wouldn't be too bad. But do you think she may possibly like me back, or am I looking into this too much? Thanks for your suggestions!

    All of that sounds totally normal if you're friends with her... Plus she doesn't make any more effort than just to say 'hi', does she?

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    Won't know unless you flirt/escalate. Simples

    Take a step, flirt with her and check the reaction. You'll never know if you never try. I wish I was a mind reader, so I could tell you what she thinks of you good luck
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