The grizzly bears Durability

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Some interesting feats, facts and history of the bears conflicts with other animals:


The Review of Reviews

Bull whips bear:

Turning, the bull made charge the second, which much resembled the first, but soon after the bull charged a third time upon the bear when he was in a corner, when Bruin for a short time made lively use of both teeth and claws, showing more fight than at any other time during the evening. The bear went off and got in another corner of the cage, when the bull approached him and stood looking at him, and pawing the ground (for nearly ten minutes before he made another dash jammed him against the side of the cage. The bear clawed a little, uttered a roar, and slunk away to another corner. The bear was evidently afraid of the bull from the moment he first caught sight of him. From this time forward it was necessary to stir the animal up to get them together, when there would be a rush by the bull and a roar or two by the bear, and the round was ended. Person! got on tha roof of the den and poored blood upoun the bull who stood pawing and gazing upon the bear. A red cloth was fastened to a pole and waved about the bear, but both animals stubbornly kept the peace. After this the bull was let alone, and the business of stirring up cchfined to the bear, who stood it too. It seemed impossible to get the bear upon his feet, and Charley Palqer, chief engineer of the show, cans forward and said that the bull had whipped the bear and the bear was just about dead, and could fight no more.


The grizzly had no sooner abandoned his attack on the bull than the latter was on his feet, bearing himself aserect and as fierce as ever. "Giving his head a shake, he lowered it for the fourth time, and again charged. As the bull hurled himself against the grizzly the latter braced himself for a last desperate struggle. He struck out wildly with his paws and the bul' fell back with the force of the grizzly's blows. The bear sank to the ground. writhing in agony. The indomitable courage of the bull here prevailed. Blinded and crippled as he was, he dashed wildly at his foe again. With a last frantic effort the bear sought to make his escape, scrambling and staggering through the dust. But it was useless. His great strength was gone. The bull plunged his horns again and again into the huge form of the dying brute as he lay stretched helpless in the dust. The bear's muscles quivH1 THE BULL'S TRIUMPH. ered and contracted. He drew his immense paws up once or twice in convulsive clutches, raised his huge head, gave one agonizing groan and fell back dead.
The Philipsburg Mail from Philipsburg, Montana · Page 7

Cattle kills bear:
Papers Past — Auckland Star — 14 August 1934 — The Runaway Bull

But the brave bull fought on until the bear had had enough; and tried to run; the bull •was after'him like a flash, 'bowled him over and gored him to death. Even this did not satisfy his rage: he stood back a little to get bis breath, and then charged the body again and again, fairly lifting it off the ground with his horns. Finally, having glutted his wrath, he left the dead bedy of the bear and went off to find the herd, and. at let us hope, recover from his dreadful wounds.
Papers Past — Oamaru Mail — 4 November 1916 — THE HEADSHIP OF THE HERD.

How a Mule Killed a Bear. A mule dealt death to a bear that Rawls Plnmbing Co. had been terrorizing the residents of Diamond Valley. Daniel C. Shawley, lumberman and farmer, is the owner Notice. LIMESTONE STREET. The king's private consulfation. of the prize beast. Aroused by a commotion in his barn stocks, they were praise to Ood for he found the bear in deadly combat...Do," he smiled, encouragingly, "and my wife will give a bridge and ask all the women who will be likely to discuss It" And the air became cooler. Philadelphia Times. bulky animal fell prostrate. Then the mule reversed himself and let loose the death dealing assault from is hind quarters. The bear died shortly after Shawley reached the scene.
The Gaffney Ledger from Gaffney, South Carolina · Page 7

Bull kills grizzly bear in the wild
With a last frantic effort the bear sought to make his escape, scrambling and staggering through the dust. But it was useless. His great strength was gone. The bull plunged his horns again and again into th* huge form of the dying brute a s he lay stretched helpless In the dust. The bear's muscles quivered and contracted....agonizing groan and fell back dead. "The victorious bull raised his head, gave voice to a deep bellow and- shaking his head triumphantly turned and walked away. NY Sunday Journal 1898-1900 - 0844.pdf

A buffalo bull has also been known to battle a grizzly bear to death, if we can accept two startling accounts by Indian witnesses...bull eventually dispatched the assailant
The Time of the Buffalo

The bull rolled him over and over until he groaned with pain. Bruin bounded to his feet and into the corner at the first opportunity. The Twelfth Bound. In the round Bruin added new wound to the bull' torn ear, and the latter was willing to withdraw. Brum lanced tbe bull's neck in a dozen places with his keen claws, and, to all appearances, the bull was completely subdued. Bruin seemed to be proud of bis victory, and on his bind legs paraded about the track. The Thirteenth Round. This was the last round and tbe most desperate of all. The round lasted but a few minutes, Every movement made by he infuriated bull seemed to have its effect Finally the two beasts became separated. The bear stood upon his bfnd leg, both eyes being displaced by tbe horns of his antagonist. While Bruin was standing, moving his bead to and fro, not knowing In which direction to move, the bull plunged towards his antagonist, stuck both horns Into his body, lifted him up and threw him to the top of tbe pit among the spectators, Tbe bear wined in agony, but it was soon over, for the horns of the hull had touched a vital spot, and poor Bruin was vanquished by death.
The Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts · Page 1

Bull kills bear name ephriam

1,000 lb bull kills 1,200 lb bear:

(click on any area to enlarge the text)
The daily dispatch. (Richmond [Va.]) 1850-1884, June 23, 1852, Image 1

Bull whips large grizzly:
The Athens post. (Athens, Tenn.) 1848-1917, August 25, 1854, Image 1

Bears usually lost to bulls:
The San Francisco call. (San Francisco [Calif.]) 1895-1913, January 15, 1911, Page 14, Image 14

Bull kills two bear in the same fight:

Bull tosses bear him high in the air, then gores him again and again then a second bear is brought in, the same bull gores him again and again and again until he is dead, then lifts the bears dead body and runs around the ring dragging the dead bear round and around:

Bull kills bear:

Bull kills grizzly bear:


Bull whips grizzly bear:




Moose defeats rival and then two bears at once:

A trapper, arriving upon the. scene at the close of this pitched battle, found 'one of the Bears dying from ahorn-thrust in the abdomen. The other Bear had taken to * tree and clung there with his tongue hanging out, plainly willing to admit he bad more than met his match.

Bull moose kills full grown kodiak bear: g=PA23&focus=viewport&dq=%22figh t+between%22+moose+bear&ie=ISO-8859-1&output=html

Moose whips bear: tween%22+moose+bear&hl=en&sa=X&e i=UJHmVOXpIs3SoATg7oH4Dg&ved=0CA YQ6AEwAA

Bull kills bear name ephriam ocus=viewport&dq=%22fight+betwee n%22+grizzly&ie=ISO-8859-1&output=html

Big Bear dies in fight with goat:

I have seen the results of a fight between a huge bear and a goat, both dead, the bear with the horns of the goat driven deep into his chest, the billy with his back broken and beaten to death lts+of+a+fight+between+a+huge+be ar+and+a+goat%2C+both+dead%2C+th e+bear+with+the+horns+of+the+goa t+driven+deep+into+his+chest%2C% 22&tbo=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=bks&ei=wMHmVNSCNs_uoATz44L QDg&sa=N

The Alaska brown bear can kill a moose, but along the AHagash the moose is master. The Old Guide was witness to a fight between a bear and a moose, an event the moose won by breaking the bear's back with his forefeet r+can+kill+a+moose%2C+but+along+ the+AHagash+the+moose+is+master. +The+Old+Guide+was+witness+to+a+ fight+between+a+bear+and+a+moose %2C+an+event+the+moose+won+by+br eaking+the+bear%27s+back+with+hi s+forefeet%22&tbo=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=bks&ei=UJHmVOXpIs3SoATg7oH 4Dg&sa=N

Along the Allagash the "lordly moose" is aptly named. It is master of the woods. In a fight between bear and moose the moose usually prevails, even capable of breaking the bear's he+%22lordly+moose%22+is+aptly+n amed.+It+is+master+of+the+woods. +In+a+fight+between+bear+and+moo se+the+moose+usually+prevails%2C +even+capable+of+breaking+the+be ar%27s+back+with+its+forefeet%22 &tbo=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=bks&ei=SZPmVOStCsHroAT1_4D gDg&sa=N




Down came the outstretched paws, and at that moment Pete seemed to become aware for the first time of the presence of the grizzly. He sprang forward, the paws struck only the air and then I saw a gray form double itself into a ball and bound upward. Out of that ball flew two legs, which shot back and forth with the rapidity of piston rods, going thump, thump upon the body of tho grizzly. Up and down went the body and back and forth went tho two pile drivers. The bear was struck all over, on his head, on his shoulder, on his side, on his paws. He fell in one direction and then in another. He was kicked into the air and pounded into the earth. The breath was driven out of him and life followed, and at length he lay upon the ground a shapeless mass, every bone in his body broken, while Pete had quietly returned to his interrupted grazing without a hair injured.,3413059&hl=en

A fight between a fire-crazed bear and a mule, in which the bear was worsted occurred at L. Mason's ranch, at Bednesti, B. C- The .forestrfire routed the bear from it lair, and In its dash from the flames into the open country it collided violently with a jackmule. The bear-was promptly stretched out on the ground by- a double tattoo from the capable hind hoofs,/and the mule calmly resumed its interrupted grazing.

Mule Kills Bear. ' Huntington, Pa. Daniel Shawley, a local farmer, tells a story of how he ! escaped death through tho sagacity of a pet mule, which kicked n black bear ' to death

Stallion Kills Bear On Leesville Farm A 600-pound black bear was killed by a horse in a field within 25 miles of Dover Saturday. The bear apparently attacked a mare in an enclosed pasture adjoining a. woods on the farm of William Thomas, RD 4, Carrollton, in the Leesville lake area, and was stomped to death by a stallion named Prince in the same field with the mare. The Best In Comics The incident took place within 400 feet of the Thomfes farm home and apparently took place while the family was eating the noon meal. Members of the family heard a brief commotion in the field but did not investigate until after the meal when Joe Thomas, 22, a son, found the dead bear. Approximately 50 feet of barbed wire fence had been ripped down and the stallion was missing, but was found later with the marks of bear claws on his hide. There were also claw marks on the mare. Head. injuries apparently killed the bear in this pasture field battle of hoof and claw. The bear had a 60-inch "arm spread" and its hind feet were six inches wide and 10 inches long but it was apparently an aged animal, as its long claws were worn down and dulled. Horses ordinarily will run- from See BEAR KILLED

Again the stallion sprang Into the air, with his four reet gathered Into a bunch, and again there vraa a sickening crunch of bone and flesh. Both bears were now dead, crushed and kicked Into two bloody masses of wool, bone and flesh. After his lpist dash the horse walked y a iew steps, men; turning, stag gered up to the first bear ho had knocked out, knelt down and literally tore skin and flesh from the bear's body; then, with bloody head jand glistening teeth, the Savage brute man aged to stagger over to the other mass of wool and flesh, which he served la tne same manner.- I - . After tearing and battering the body into a mass of broken bones and mangled flesh, the stallion tossed his head from .which the bloody foam flew in long flecks, gave a neigh' of triumph ana leu lifeless to the around.

One bear, however, met with his match in a vicious stallion, kent on a ranch in Montana. The stallion had been erazine, during Towards near a thicket of bushes. evening the stockmen were surprised to see him come galloping home, with three or four long gashes in his haunch. The cow-boys, knowing that he had been attacked by a grizzly, rode off to tho thicket to hunt the bear. Immediately on the thicket being surrounded, the bear sallied forth, evidently in a bad temper. A spirited fight ensued, and it was not until the grizzly had made several charges that he was killed. On examining his body, it was found that his under jaw was broken, and part of his faco smashed in, evidently by the stallion's hoofs'. When the bear leaped upon the feeding horse, he had failed to kill hit victim by a single stroke. The strong stallion had shaken off the bear, and then kicked out behind with such force as sovercly to damage his foe

Horse kicks a bear to death:

Mule beats a bear to near death:

Horses kick a bear to death

Grizzly dies in fight with mule:

points, and one of its most readable parts is a graphic account of a fight between a grizzly and a mule, in which both were losers.


The boar rushed to the defence of the little fellow, and attacked the bear fiercely, forcing Bruin -to drop the pig and look out for himself. The boar used his tusks_ to such advantage, that after a savage encounter of severarminutes the bear 'beat arretreatv xne~oft his sidesHbelng- ripped open almost to his vitals and the flesh "being torn, to the bone in many places. The boar was "pretty badly hurt, too, but ha got tjver it. J got-my .gun and followed the bear, and found him buried in;a wallow hole, and a trail -of blood led all tie ay-te-h is-l i ding-i»lae but he would soon have died from the injuries the boar gave him

Group of peccaries (smaller boars) kills 3 bears in pit fight:

Turning too quickly, a bear sapped and fell from his pedestal. In a second there was • I mass of_reddish brown... and cracking his bones like pieces of glass...He sat the{« and beat the peccaries away, knocking fully a dozen into kingdom come before the hogs succeeded in overcoming him.

Bear Loses Life for Piglet. A great uproar in her pigpen awoke Widow Armindn Milligan. The widow, who livesucar Eureka, Sullivan county, threw on a wmppcr and hurried out in the moonlight. A hungry, half grown bear, seeing a litter of ten suckling pigs, had climbed in the pen and seized a piglet. Instantly the mother pig attacked the bear, ripping its sides with her tusks. The bear dropped the pig and tried to escape, but the savage mother pulled it back, and the boar fiercely joined her in the attack. Widow Milligan seized a pitchfork and re-enforccd the pigs. The benr fought well, but quickly succumbed to such odds and was killed

Yocum settled here and engaged in a desperate fight leaving only one of the combatants alive. In this case it was not a wild boar that fought the bear, but a tame one. e was in a bad plight—was seriously wounded and covered with blood. He had been in a desperate combat with a wild beast and he was greatly angered and restless. We traced the back track of the boar through the cane to the spot where the encounter took place. A bear lay dead where the ferocious animals had struggled together. Cane, weeds, and paw paw bushes were mashed flat to the ground. Blood was sprinkled on the ground and foliage. The bear was mangled by the boar’s tusks almost beyond description. Deep gashes were cut and torn all over its body and legs. The greatest wounds were inflicted on its belly, breast behind the shoulders.

Some researchers have speculated that black bears probably kill few if any feral hogs, especially given that an adult hog would represent a formidable adversary for a black bear. In fact, in the 1920s a feral boar in the Okefenokee Swamp was reported to have killed a black bear in a fight between the two animals. Similar accounts of feral boars killing bears during fights in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas were reported in the 1880s.

mule kills bear:
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- Natural history
- North america
- California
- Montana
- Brown/Black Bears
- Cougar/Puma/Mountain lion


Female panther kills female black bear



The two animals spent some time licking their rounds, but at last the lion charged the bear again and this time with his claws he tore open he bear's back and his claws must have reached some deadly part, for presently the bear fell over dead and the lion went off to his old place and began to lick his wounds again. q=%22fight+between%22+bear+dead& hl=en&sa=X&ei=7b_mVLLXIIPxoASBwI LoDg&ved=0CA4Q6AEwBDhu


Bear dies in fight with panther q=%22Panther%22+%22bear%22+%22cl awed%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=PJpvVeS6BI aQyQSS34PoDA&ved=0CDAQ6AEwAw#v=o nepage&q=%22Panther%22%20%22bear %22%20%22clawed%22&f=false


terror of all other creatures except, perhaps, the grizzly bear (and a few stories had panthers vanquishing even them).Wilderness



Thompson (1860) of Montpelier, Vermont provides a heavily dramatized account, of doubtful authenticity, of a cougar attacking a bear. Bailey wastold by E. F. Averill that a small bear, immobilized by a trap, was killed, partially
eaten, and covered with leaves, presumably by a mountain lion. p%2C+was+killed%2C+partially+eat en%22&tbm=bks&tbo=1&oq=%22immobi lized+by+a+trap%2C+was+killed%2C +partially+eaten%22&gs_l=heirloo m-serp.3...102806.110989.0.111187.


pumas are known to kill bears,1398697&hl=en



By whatever name it might be called, mountain lion, cougar, puma, this member of the cat family plays an ... The apotheosis of American carnivores, the cougar's strength and agility are legendary. ... of wild felids in the Western Hemisphere, he has proven more than the equal of even the grizzly bear in staged combat.
Voices for the Earth: a treasury of the Sierra Club bulletin



Bear dies in fight with female puma:


If such a thing ever did occur the result was doubtless due to the superior agility and general elusiveness of the great cat; for with a strength sufficient to permit it to strike a bull dead with one blow of its massive paw the grizzly must have lost in such a conflict merely
because itsmovements were too ponderous. I am referring here, of course, to agrown grizzly,


Once Mynheer Barhydt saw close by his clearing a fight between a bear and a panther which lasted more than an hour and ended only when both were dead arhydt+saw+close+by+his+clearing +a+fight+between+a+bear+and+a+pa nt


Phillip R. Goodwins~Book of hunting records (1929)Ernest Thompson Seton (1929, 90-91) writes that G. W. Ferguson "recorded" a fight between a grizzly and a female cougar that was witnessed by two miners working a claim near Murry, Idaho. It was reported that a female cougar had a den and kittens in the vicinity, and when a grizzly, apparently unknowingly, approached the den, the mother cougar attacked the grizzly. During what the miners described as a fierce battle, the combatants fell off a mountain ledge and both where killed as a result of the fall. The miners claimed the cougar was still hanging on to the grizzly's cheek with her teeth; the bears back and throat were torn and lacerated and "his belly hide ripped into ribbons, mute evidence of the fact that all her paws with their 18 sharp claws had not been idle" (612).
~ Ernest Thompson Seton (1929, 90-91)


Black bear dies in fight with puma (a good illustration of a puma an bear), his hide all over his body was shredded to ribbons: =lion+bear+%22sprang%22&hl=en&sa =X&ei=zilMVcShHoKLoQSy5IAI&ved=0 CEMQ6AEwCA#v=onepage&q=lion%20be ar%20%22sprang%22&f=false


Man is told that pumas always killed bears, and gives his own eye witness account of a puma killing a bear 4x his own size.



In a fight to the death, the mountain lion is more game than the black bear. He will fight to the last breath, when the black bear will quit and cover his head with his paws and bawl like a calf.


Mountain lion kills bear in fair fight q=%22bruin%22+lion+fight&hl=en&s a=X&ei=IMO4VNXOK5LsoASs5YHwAw&ve d=0CAYQ6AEwAA

She was ready for fight The panther came straight for the bear. She gave one leap and struck on the bear. There was a fierce struggle, with screaming and snarling, and In less than ten min utes the bear was tern to fragments. The panther walked Into the cave and came right out again and gave a scream that was bloodcurdling. Just then she saw the cubs. She gave a leap and brought one down and killed It, and went after the rest and killed them.
The Allentown Leader from Allentown, Pennsylvania · Page 2


Female panther kills she-bear

(1917)bear dies in fight with female cougar q=%22female+cougar%22+%22bear%22 +fight&hl=en&sa=X&ei=zqBvVYuTK8O SyAStsYDwCQ&ved=0CCAQ6AEwAQ#v=on epage&q=%22female%20cougar%22%20 %22bear%22%20fight&f=false


Panthers were known to attack bears until they were torn and exhuasted further backing down: q=%22panther%22+%22bear%22+%22ra ge%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=xrZuVZ3_Mcn8 oQSyrIO4CQ&ved=0CB8Q6AEwAg#v=one page&q=%22panther%22%20%22bear%2 2%20%22rage%22&f=false


Big grizzly dies fighting female puma:,4459359&hl=en


On approaching the stream the deadly conflict between the bear and panther was still raging, but right soon the bear gave a tad moan, which told...that the fight was over and the bear killed


Then a great panther, with every hair turned toward his head, rushed like fury ay us over me nage la pursuit. We didn't feel sorry that the bear ost his life
,The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 38


Puma kills bear: =%22bear+was+dead%22+panther&hl= en&sa=X&ei=P2xuVZP_I4m0ogSUw4HIB g&ved=0CBQQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=%2 2bear%20was%20dead%22%20panther& f=false


female cougar was more than a match for a grizzly bear in the jaw to jaw combat and the bear tired out an had to rest q=%22female+cougar%22+%22bear%22 +fight&hl=en&sa=X&ei=zqBvVYuTK8O SyAStsYDwCQ&ved=0CBsQ6AEwAA#v=on epage&q=%22female%20cougar%22%20 %22bear%22%20fight&f=false


The two animals spent some time licking their rounds, but at last the lion charged the bear igain and this time with his claws he tore open he bear's back and his claws must have reached iome deadly part, for presently the bear fell »er dead and the lion went off to his old place ind began to lick his wounds again. q=%22fight+between%22+bear+dead& hl=en&sa=X&ei=7b_mVLLXIIPxoASBwI LoDg&ved=0CA4Q6AEwBDhu


In a fair fight A pair of mountain lions can kill a bear in fact have been known to do so when defending their young
San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 4


I saw the lion's back heave and straighten convulsively; the bear delivered a powerful blow, then broke away. He reared upright as the lion flew at his throat. I saw the bear's entrails fall out upon the ground, where they were literally torn away by his feet. Again the lion sought the safety of the shelf of rock, as the famous Bigfoot fell dead.
The Kansas City Gazette from Kansas City, Kansas · Page 3

(1902) (1902)Just as s ho gave her last kick and the panther rose In triumph, Saunders took a hand in the fight. and with two bullets killed the pantherThe Portsmouth Herald from Portsmouth, New Hampshire · Page 2

(1899)Bear dies in fight with puma q=%22panther%22+%22bear%22+%22la cerated%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=tbxuVfD 7CNjWoATspYDACA&ved=0CBQQ6AEwAA# v=onepage&q=%22panther%22%20%22b ear%22%20%22lacerated%22&f=false


The Indians say, that in a battle between the grizzly bear and the cougar the latter
always proves the victor...highly probable when we consider the injury to be
inflicted by the long keen claws of the beast, and its wonderful strength and agility

[/b] (1894)Bear dies in fight with puma:at the coward of the plains and crushed the life out of him.
.Sacramento Daily Union 19 February 1894 — California Digital Newspaper Collection


The bear was now in extremities. There was but one remedy. So he wound himself up In a brown ball and dropped to the ground. fie struck with a sort of a smash, unbound himself, and started on a frantic lope" for safety. But with ftwo or three bounds the panther was low,h the. tree and near to him. She sprang upon the bear, burled her leeth in his throat and with her pow-'erful claws tore out his entrails
Independence Daily Reporter from Independence, Kansas · Page 4


The bear, a cinnamon, was a monster of his species. As near as they could estimate he would have weighed 1000 pounds. Each was a mass of cuts and wounds. The lion had one fore-leg crushed and mangled, as though from a bite, and the bear was cub from muzzle to tail .by the knife-like claws of his more active opponent.—" Buckskin," in the Ontario Observer,


The lion had buried its teeth in the bear's throat, and before he could move a paw in self-defeuso had torn him literally into shreds with its powerful, sharp claws. The whole thing had happened so quickly that I had scarce time to catch my breath when the fight was over, the bear dead,


This lithe beast, weighing full- grown perhaps one hundred and fifty pounds, is the terror of thegrizzly, for through sheer litheness and agility this great cat can vanquish this terrible bear. The indians say that they sometimes find a bear killed by a panther bear%22+%22agility%22+panther&hl =en&sa=X&ei=QopuVe6gJIrXoASPjoLg Bw&ved=0CCUQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=% 22black%20bear%22%20%22agility%2 2%20panther&f=false


Panther...and credible authorities state that they are not louth to attack boldly even the dreaded grizzly bear, and often come off victorious. q=%22grizzly+bear%22+panther+%22 ferocity%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=xl9vVf q6MoGLsQXpm4CACA&ved=0CDsQ6AEwBz gU#v=onepage&q=%22grizzly%20bear %22%20panther%20%22ferocity%22&f =false


He once saw a fight between a black bear and a cougar and the latter killed his advesary in less than 20 minutes


Livingston Stone (1883 : 1189) was told by the McCloud River Indians that the panther always killed the grizzly when the two fought. They said that the grizzly was afraid of the lion and that the latter would spring on the bear's shoulders and cut its throat. Stone saw places in the mountains where the ground had been torn up, evidence of a desperate conflict between a panther and a bear. Pumas have always been known to kill grizzly bears:


Panther kills bear by jumping on back and ripping out his throat q=%22bruin%22+%22agility%22+pant her&hl=en&sa=X&ei=qo5uVfSQIo32oA TCpIPIAw&ved=0CBQQ6AEwAA#v=onepa ge&q=%22bruin%22%20%22agility%22 %20panther&f=false


puma killed a black bear q=cougar+%22fight+between%22+bea r&hl=en&sa=X&ei=7sU5VanSNomuoQ SA-4CADA&ved=0CD0Q6AEwBTgU#v=onepag e&q=cougar%20%22fight%20between% 22%20bear&f=false


Puma kills black bear


According to Frank Post of Big Sur, mountain lions sometimes were taken in the live traps built near Monterey to catch bears for the arena. Then a bear-and-lion fight would be aranged. Mr. Post saw such a contest at Castroville in 1865 when he was six years old, and remembered it vividly. The lion, which seemed to have no fear, leaped onto the bear's back and while clinging there and facing forward scratched the grizzly's eyes and nose with its claws. The bear repeatedly rolled over onto the ground to rid himself of his adversary; but as soon as the bear was upright, the cat would leap onto his back again. This agility finally decided the struggle in favor of the lion."


As they neared the spot, the victorious ainnita passed before them Into the jungle. On coming to the place of the deadly struggle they found dead and bleeding a large she bear, that would weigh probably 900 or 1000 pounds. q=%22fight+between%22+bear+dead& hl=en&sa=X&ei=KL7mVPqTN5HZoAS55I DADg&ved=0CAYQ6AEwADha


He missed his object, but suddenly gathering his energies, he made a_California_Magazine_1000831108/251


We could see them struggling in the depths of the pool; bubbles of air rose to the surface, and the water became dark with gore. It may have been five minutes or more before they floated up dead, and their bodies rolled slowly down the stream. (Anon., 1857 : 823., California Grizzly)


panther mangles a full grown bear to death: 2+%22entrails%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=3 MBuVce4O4_1oASS6IOoBg&ved=0CDgQ6 AEwBw#v=onepage&q=%22panther%22% 20%22bear%22%20%22entrails%22&f= false


The bear released his hold and both animals sank to the ground in the agony of death. Bruin died first but his enemy lived but a minute or two after. They had fought to a finish and ceased to be in each other’s way. Both animals were of medium size and in good condition. I went home for assistance and we skinned the panther and took the bear home and used the meat. Since that time," remarked Mr. Baughman, "I have witnessed many hard fights between animals but the encounter between the bear and panther was the fiercest and most bloody I ever witnessed between domestic or wild animals."
S. C. Turnbo: A Fight to a Finish Between a Bear and Panther


Panther slaughters a bear: =%22panther%22+%22bear%22+%22ent rails%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=3MBuVce4O 4_1oASS6IOoBg&ved=0CBQQ6AEwAA#v= onepage&q=%22panther%22%20%22bea r%22%20%22entrails%22&f=false


I saw a huge panther crouched down at the side of a dead bear which lay at the foot of a post oak tree that stood at the side of the pathway. The panther was guarding the bear. The two savage animals had met here and engaged in a terrific fight and the bear was killed. The scene of the encounter was in a small prairie bottom with a few scattering trees and nearly ¡ of a mile above the mouth of the hollow.
S. C. Turnbo: Finding a Panther Guarding a Dead Bear
http[/s]//"] =UTF-8&prmd=ivns&strip=1


Bear dies fighting panther q=%22panther%22+%22bear%22+%22ra ge%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=xrZuVZ3_Mcn8 oQSyrIO4CQ&ved=0CCYQ6AEwAw#v=one page&q=%22panther%22%20%22bear%2 2%20%22rage%22&f=false
Cremony, in his Life among the Apaches, describes an incident in which acougar killed a black bear

cougar killed a medium-sized brown bear"

At length he arrived there whither the Pumawas coming, dragging the black bear which he had just killed

with the grizzly bear, and one author even stated that carcasses of bears killed by cougars had been found in northern California.
Indians say that they sometimes found a grizzly bear killed by a mountain lion, but never a mountain lion killed by a grizzly

female cougar kills bear: s+throat%22&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUK Ewi8_s7TtojMAhVGzGMKHQO6DE0Q6AEI MDAB#v=onepage&q=%22cougar%22%20 %22bear's%20throat%22&f=false

In one case a mountain lion's leg was broken by wolverine and a bear was disemboweled.

In a fight to the death, the mountain lion is more game than the black bear.

Sometimes the two animals killed each other and other times the cougar won. In a few stories the cougar vanquished even the massive grizzly bear.
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Wolves and dogs:


11 wolves kill two grizzly bears.

wolves kill 3 grizzly bears

The bear tried in vain to shake them off, and the Italian prodded the dogs with a pole, but they held. It wasn't long until Bruin sank down exhausted.Daily Arizona Silver Belt from Globe, Arizona · Page 5

12 grizzly bears killed by dogs

biologist state wolves kill 3 grizzly bears

2 bears killed by wolves

Wolves occasionally kill grizzly bears and vice versa.

by wolves, and the majority of the 1,000 animals reported killed by wolves and bears were probably killed by wolves.

wolves kill denning black bears:

wolves dominate grizzly bear

wolves dominate bear

wolves dominate bear

dog kills bear

small "bulldog owned by 'William Bennett rushed at. them and caught one' of the "bears by' the leg. A fierce battle ensued and the dog got a fatal grip on the throat of the bear. No one dared go to the rescue of poor bruin. The showmen, even with their poles, were unable to shake the dog's grip, and the bear was dead ; within thirty minutes.


dogs killed a bear. First, one dog would bite a hind leg, and when th« bear turned to

eleven dogs, killed a bear tha^ had been devouring sheep.;and calves.
The bear weighed 500 pounds and measured eight feet from tip to tip.


dogs, killed a bear and two cubs in the woods

Bulldogs Put Bear Out of Business Two dogs fought for half an hour with a performing bear at Athenia, N. J., yesterday, and vanquished it. Bruin was in an ugly mood and he would not dance for his Italian owner, who at last gave up trying to make him do his tricks and started down the street. Along came two bulldogs. They growled at the bear and Bruin showed fight. The dogs sprang for the bear and he, rearing on his hind feet, met them with a roar. Both dogs secured holds, but wcro not able to maintain them at first. The bear shook himself from and slapped at them 'with his paws and bit them. The dogs were persistent and finally got good grips, one nt the hind leg and tho other at the throat. The bear tried in vain to shake them off, and the Italian prodded tho dogs with a pole, but they held. It wasn't long until Bruin sank down exhausted.

Old caps last fight fight was at waites peak last fall, when he led a pack that killed a 600 pound bear which fought the dog for 3 hours


The Saturday Evening Post

Other bears:



Black bear with dead brown bear

TWO BEARS FIGHT. The coal regions have witnessed many old duels and sanguinary encounters, but the one near Freeland yesterday was about the strangest ever. Two Italians were giving exhibitions with trained bears, when it was proposed that a fight be arranged. One animal was very large, while the other was a small black one. Fifty cents admission was charged, and three hundred people entered the tent in which the scrap took place, and saw the smaller animal defeat his huge antagonist.

GARIBALDI" USED SCIENCE. Cinnamon Bear, Trained by an Italian, Fought His rival a Bloody Battle to a Standstill. While nearly a thousand people cheered and groaned alternately 'Garibaldi,'" a 450 pound cinnamon bear, lought to a standstill a 860 pound grizzly bear called "Rocky" in the most terrific and bloody fight ever witnessed in the Central Park Zoo yesterday afternoon. The battle was fought on the cliff in the bear cage, and, although neither one was killed, both were so badly used up that they lay on the ground panting for half an hour. "Garibaldi" is a trained bear, and this fact is probably responsible for the defeat of his heavier rival.
Mount Carmel Item from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Is big bears even fit? No:

"Healthy obesity'" "Prof Brian Barnes, director of the institute of arctic biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, said: "It is exciting to see research being done on interesting comparative species, like grizzly bears, that have evolved adaptations to extreme conditions."
Obese grizzly bears 'shed light on diabetes' - BBC News

This week on The Wild Life, it's all bears, all the time. Dr Lynne Nelson, assistant director of the Washington State University (WSU) Bear Center, stops by to chat with Jason about how bears can eat a lot while remaining healthy ... and then sleep for five months.
The Wild Life (EP 7): Dr Lynne Nelson on bears, obesity and diabetes | natural-world | Earth Touch News

Maternal condition determines birth date and growth of newborn bear cubs No Access Charles T. Robbins*, Merav Ben-David, Jennifer K. Fortin and O. Lynne Nelson No brown bear with a body fat content ≤ 20% produced cubs even though breeding occurred. Brown bears that were fat gave birth earlier than those that were lean. Cubs nursing from fat mothers grew faster than those nursing from lean mothers. The combination of an earlier birth date and faster growth by cubs produced from fat mothers increased mass of brown bear and polar bear (U. maritimus) twins at den emergence by 330–360 g
for each unit increase in percent maternal body fat content when entering hibernation.
An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie

Thats why some of pregnate brown/polar bears are extremely obese: But once again ,obesity is healthy state for bears. So ,"obese 400-500 kg grizzly""Bears can eat like pigs, hibernate for months and still be healthy."

Gary Brown - ‎1996 - Preview - More editions
Cla iws Black Bear on-retractable claws, fixed in an outstretched position, are a bear's more specialized tools used for ... of other bears; fore- claws four to five inches long; hindclaws shorter and more curved than foreclaws; claws more blunt

Gary Brown - ‎2013 - Preview - More editions
claws. American black bear Color black, grayish brown • short and round • Thick at base • Tapered to sharp point ... 4 to 5 inches long • Color dark, almost black • Claws more blunt than those of other bears • Longer and narrower than those

Kathy Etling - ‎2003 - Preview - More editions
Such marking works not only as a visual signpost that other bears can readily see but also as a olfactory marker since the bear leaves behind a generous helping Bear claws are blunt and two- to three-tenths of an inch wide near their tips.

North American Predators

By Wikipedians -
Brown bears are massively built and heavy bodied animals. They have a ... claws 217 Brown bear claws are longer and straighter than those of American black bears.221 The claws are blunt, while those of a black bear are sharp. Adults have

Stories of the Road
Marie Sansone - ‎2009 - Preview
Black bears have sharp, curved claws, one and a half inches in length, while the more blunt grizzly bear claws, long and straight, are roughly the length of a human finger. Black bears are Roman-nosed. Grizzlies have a concave face and
a ...
Robert Whitehead, James G. Teason - ‎1966 - Snippet view
The bear's claws are fixed; that is, they cannot be pulled back into a sheath as can those of a cat. Because the claws are long, blunt, and non-retractable, and because the animals have great weight, it is difficult for most full-grown bears ...

Mammals of California
Everett Williams Jameson, Hans J. Peeters - ‎2004 - Preview - More editions
They have stout limbs and heavy, blunt, nonretractable claws, and they are plantigrade. Reflecting their omnivorous ... Most of the evolutionary history of bears took place in the Old World, starting in the Miocene. The genus Ursus dates from

The World of the Grizzly Bear: Text and Photos
‎1968 - Snippet view
The older and larger bears have the longest front claws, and some of these may be twice as long as theclawsof yearling cubs. ... Some grizzlies have very long claws that are strongly curved; others have claws that are rather short and blunt.

, Their Life and Behavior: A Photographic Study of the ...[/url]
William Ashworth - ‎1992 - Snippet view
THE KINDS OF BEARS 5 5 the Arctic tundra. As bears go, it is medium-size, ranging from 200 to 800 pounds or so in weight, with most individuals weighing between... bear claws are short and blunt, and are almost always dark-colored, ...

Fur Facts
Albert M. Ahern - ‎1922 - Read - More editions
Its claws are short, much curved, very stocky at the base, and taper rapidly to a sharp point. ... digging implements than the long, slightly curved, blunt claws of the grizzly; but they are perfectly adapted to the uses to which their owner puts
them. ...

Herbert Lockyer - ‎1988 -
As Daniel watched he saw the lion lifted up from the earth and made to stand upon its feet as a ... After the lion, the bear is strongest, and known for its voracity.

Herbert W. Armstrong,
... and his feet were asthe feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and ... GrecoMacedonian Empire and its succeeding four divisions after his death; and ... the strongest part, of the lion; the feet,the strongest part, of the bear; the body ...
a lioness saved a bears life when a male lion attacked a bear in rome:

The bear was powerful and his massive claws scarred the lion deeply, but the golden cat hung on until the big brown beast was dead

smaller bear defeats grizzly:
The Pittsburgh Press - Google News Archive Search

Bears are not bulking up to go into battle, they are putting on weight to survive hibernation. A brown bear past the 1,000 lb mark is not going to be as fit as a 700 pounder. Nor is there any proof that these people:

List of the heaviest people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Will beat in a fight, these people:
List of heavyweight boxing champions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Experts opinions:

A. C. Rowell. He killed in all, around 300 bears, and never considered he was in the slightest danger. He had very little regard for grizzly courage. When asked if he was ever charged by one he replied: "Only by a wounded one or by a female trying to defend her young. But a female cottontail rabbit has attacked me under similar circumstances." Stewart Edward White, who has hunted widely in both Africa and America, reports: "The African lion will keep charging to his last breath, no matter how many times you shoot him. But I have never seen a grizzly complete his charge
The Indian Journal from Eufaula, Oklahoma · Page 2

Jack O'Connor - ‎1977 Frost, by the way, hunted grizzlies probably more than any other man when there were many of the great bears in the Rockies of Idaho, ... number of animals, and the number of maulings are taken into consideration, the grizzly is more dangerous than the African lion. About this I am doubtful— and have hunted both species.
hunted both african lion bear - Google SearchLakeland Ledger - Google News Archive Search


Clyde beatty said a bear doesnt throw blows and he backs the lion

A biologist/mammalogist favors big cats via lions and tigers over polar bears and kodiak bears:,3031951&hl=en

Dr. MacDonaldson later retrieved the moose head an autopsy found damage consistent with that of decapitation by impact. Later studies contribute the phenomenon to both the relative weakness of a moose's upper neck and the power of a grizzly bears arm. Although a grizzly bear is very powerful, it does not have the strength to decapitate most creatures larger than a man.

And this one is interesting, he states he favors the tiger over the lion (more so the indian lion) but then says he saw...two polar bears scared to death from 2 lions, much like silver king the biggest polar bear billed in captivitys account:,5966928&hl=en

David griffel and J.V Basile is the ones who wrote the commendation that bears do not strike with their paws as his credability University of Idaho in 1975 with a B.S. degree in wildlife biology.

So that means that one book consist of 4 biologist who stated bears dont strike with their paws, with one study in 300 kills of bears on sheep, showed no striking of the paw. And it states here why the bears would have a weaker bite:

It states bears do not have a specialized gripping bite, but a repeative one, this explains how it wouldnt mass out any powerful psi as much as lions and tigers, who grip with a firmer more forceful bite, much like the crocodile, crocs dont bite in repeative placements, they bite down with one vice grip. Brown bears do not have fur as thick as polar bears:

This is not striking, this is pushing:

This is not striking, this is wrestling:

This is not striking, this is embracing:
What two Biologist have to say:

Olaus Johan Murie (March 1, 1889 – October 21, 1963), called the "father of modern elk management",[1][2] was a naturalist, author, and wildlife biologist who did groundbreaking field research on a variety of large northern mammals. Rather than conducting empirical experiments, Murie practiced a more observational based science.

Ivar Mysterud of University of Oslo, Oslo with expertise in Evolutionary Biology,

Both Mysterud (1975) and Murie (1948) Discount a crushing blow with the forepaw—the reputed kill technique of both grizzly and the brown bear (Elgmork 1978) as the cause of death. Murie (1948) insists that the grizzly does not attack by striking with the paws, but instead siezes and holds his victim with its arms so as to administer the killing bite. If an animal seized by the bear manages to pull away it is likely to be clawed.


Interestingly, there are only a few reports of bears delivering killing or debilitating blows with their paws, and in most cases their paws come into play for such things as pinning down a newly-captured calf or grasping larger prey to facilitate delivery of a killing bite.

~ Southwest Biological Science Center David J. Mattson Colorado Plateau Research Station Northern Arizona University

Very often, however, a bear does not kill a man by one bite, but after throwing him lies on him, biting him to death

Incidentally, a grizzly in killing stock does not deal a crushing blow with the paw as has been commonly supposed but grasps the animal in an embrace
~ Wildlife of Mexico: The Game Birds and Mammals Aldo Starker Leopold University of California Press, 1959 - 568 pages

He does not fell his victim with a blow of his paw, like one of the larger cats, or seize it at once with his teeth like a dog, but “gives it a hug"—embraces it tightly, and with a great show of affection, with his powerful fore limbs, and continues the squeeze until the wretched animal is suffocated

More likely he will stick his snout straight up and merely hug — a long, straining, hug- some hug

The bear uses its fore legs and paws for the purposes of embrace,

Heres a fight between two big brown bears:

Not a single paw swipe was thrown, not a single earth shattering blow was landed, you know what it showed? Two very...very slow fighting animals, with no such agility, with no such skill other than pushing each other and biting with weak inflicting wounds. Same here:

Is a bear even twice as bigger than a lion in size? No, the lion is just as tall and large in the front:ImageImageLions muzzle twice as big as the black bears:
Big wolf SkullImageImage
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Last month, park staff found the bodies of two mature female bears in the park backcountry. Bear 46 was found early in September, apparently killed by another grizzly. Bear 30 was killed by wolves later in the month.In June, bear 36, known as Blondie, was killed by a vehicle on the Trans-Canada Highway. These deaths have cut the number of breeding female grizzlies in the Lake Louise area in half. Six cubs were left prematurely on their own as a result of these deaths. "

Full article - Bear Deaths Threaten Grizzly Population; Challenge Banff Park Managers


wild cattle bull kills grizzly bear

Although one of the most cowardly of American meat-eating animals, the lion has a great reputation ai a killer among the other beasts of the mountains and forests. All other animal give him a wide berth when they know he is In the vicinity. . Even a bear, who Is no mean fighter himself, stays out of the lions way.

feral boar in the Okefenokee Swamp was reported to have killed a black bear in a fight between the two animals.

At length he arrived there whither the Puma was coming, dragging the black bear which he had just killed

Between the puma and the jaguar a deadly feud seems to rage. Whenever they meet there is sure to be a battle-royal; and though the latter is the larger and heavier beast, he generally gets the worst of the encounter. Hudson, whom we have quoted before, says that the puma harasses the jaguar as the tyrant-bird harasses an eagle or a hawk, moving about it with such rapidity as to confuse it, and when an opportunity occurs, springing upon its back and inflicting terrible wounds with teeth and claws.

Kingsley, in his “Standard Natural History” (of America) is responsible for the statement that the puma of the Northern States wages as deadly war with the grisly bear as the Southern variety does with the jaguar, and generally comes ofi“ victor. The pumais easily tamed, and there are numerous instances of its having been kept as a pet.s assured me often happened) a jaguar feeding on a full-grown live alligator, tearing and eating its tail. On leaving off and retiring a yard or two, the alligator would begin to move towards the water, when the jaguar

The puma and the grizzly bear seem to be natural-born enemies, and many are the evidences of contests in which the puma seems always to be the victor.

state that the grizzly bear and the puma have a mortal hatred of each other, but that in single combat the latter is always victor.

"the victor ; and this is borne out by the finding of the bodies of bears, which have evidently perished in the struggle."

the jaguar, the puma is supposed always to come off victorious in his encounters with the grizzly, and it is even said that the latter is sometimes killed by him.

authorities state that they are not loath to attack boldly even the dreaded grizzly bear, and often come off victorious.

Hudson (1903) cites Kingsley as an authority for the assertion that the puma in northern California was in early days victorious in its encounters with the grizzly bear. If such a thing ever did occur the result was doubtless due to the superior ...


"I saw a huge panther crouched down at the side of a dead bear which lay at the foot of a post oak tree that stood at the side

She almost stumbled upon the dead bear, which meant that it was the panther they had to fear.


a female mountain lion deliberately attacked a grizzly bear that had peacefully ambled near her den, and fought it until both she and the bear lay dead.

Why the puma should act thus I cannot tell, but both the Indians and the half-breed Gauchos of the pampas tell the same story, and as jaguars are often killed that have their backs all over claw-marks, I suppose it must be true—unless they have done it to one another. This does, indeed, seem possible, and if it were only the male jaguars that were found with their backs in this state I should look upon it as the explanation. But there is no distinction of this sort, as far as I know, so I think it must be pumas, for a male jaguar would not fight with a female one, nor would the females be likely to fight together.

The curious thing is that in that part of America where there are no jaguars, but where the grizzly bear is found, the puma is said to attack this huge and powerful beast—so that we have the same kind of story told by quite different people, separated from each other by an immense tract of country. Just as with the jaguar, the puma is supposed always to come off victorious in his encounters with the grizzly, and it is even said that the latter is sometimes killed by him. I must confess, however, that I find this very difficult to believe. The puma is immensely agile, and, like others of the cat tribe, very muscular in proportion to its size. But a full-grown grizzly bear is twice as large and twice as heavy as itself, and its strength must be in proportion. How, then, does the slight-built puma overpower and kill so ponderous an animal, clad in a shaggy coat of fur?

Once seized by the
grizzly I think it would have no chance, but it is possible, perhaps, that by springing on its back and wrenching its head suddenly round, it might be able to dislocate the neck, as it does that of a horse. That, indeed, is the puma's usual method of attack, and we must remember that, strength for strength, a horse of any size is almost as much its superior as the grizzly bear itself. So perhaps, after all, the thing is not quite so unlikely as it, at first sight, appears. The wonderful thing is that the puma should attack such animals as bears and jaguars, instead of confining itself to the more timid and peaceable creatures of the browsing kind, as do most beasts of prey.

famine they do not hesitate to pounce on the black bear and cougar; and even afull-grown grizzly is not safe from their attacks, unless he can back up against some rock which ...

wolverine kills full grown bear:

Grinnell quotes as reliable the killing of a puma and the fatal disembowelling of a full-grown bear. A single dog has almost no chance against a wolverine.

It is also a dreaded enemy of sheep, pigs, calves, and especially colts, and when pressed by hunger a big male cougar will kill a full-grown horse or cow, moose or wapiti

one hundred and fifty pounds, is the terror of the grizzly, for through sheer litheness and agility this great cat can vanquish this terrible bear.

America the puma is said sometimes to jump on the back of the jaguar, when it inflicts terrible wounds with its claws. And the same story is told in North America with regard to the puma and the grisly bear. In proportion to its size, the puma is undoubtedly one of the fiercest and most courageous beasts-of-prey, and it is therefore all the more remarkable that it should be such a coward in the presence of man.

Even the bear, which many a frontiersman knew could put up a great fight, was no match for the fierce puma. However, the lion preferred to catch the drowsy animals napping. Byrd's party found a fat bear killed and partially eaten by a puma.
A similar legend at one time sprang up concerning the puma's relationship with the grizzly bear, and one author even stated thatcarcasses of bears killed by cougars had been found in northern California.

In America a few black bears are killed by pumas.

The wolf, formerly abundant in New England, was apparently capable of successfully attacking bears. Wood (1634:20) believed that there would be more bears... told of an Alaskan trapper who found blood-stained snow, clumps of hair, and tracks of three wolves leading to the torn carcass of a bear. In modern times, although wolves seem to have a special liking for bear flesh (Rutter and Pimlott 1968)

wherein is described an encounter in which a cougar killed a medium-sized brown bear

The Bear was standing on his hind-legs with his back against a big rock and was yelling bloody murder. The Lion was crouched on the ground about twelve or fifteen feet from the Bear. They waited there quite a while, the Lion in the position o... At last the lion charged the bear and grabbed him, and they both went down together and the dust flew up so that it almost hid ... the two fighters. In a little while the Lion suddenly let go and sprang back to where he had been before. Both animals were bleeding and each was licking its wounds. but at last the lion charged the bear again and this time with his claws he tore open he bear's back and his claws must have reached home in a deadly part, for presently the bear fell over dead

I once watched five wolves drive abrown bear from the nearby carcass of a bull moose the bear had killed a day earlier.

female puma killed a bull moose:

are led to the conclusion that in the wilds a grown grizzly bear is not afraid of the puma. This general rule is, however, not without its exceptions.

that the puma and grizzly bear have a mortal hatred for one another. Since the puma is always victor in their combats,

species but still outweighing the panther by about 1,500 pounds — with its claws "fastened into the flesh of the animal wherever he could reach it...

watched from a cautious distance as a puma "tore open the back" of a grizzly bear and "ripped at its vital organs until it died.

the two inhabit the same district, while in North California it is the enemy of the grizzly bear, and is again always the victor.

female puma out games big grizzly bear:

Turning her head, she saw the black bear — a huge, autumn-fat male that was emerging from behind a large boulder, his small brown eyes fixed on her....The impact hurled the bear backward and whipped his neck forward, almost breaking it. The cat collected herself for another leap, but the bear had managed to regain his footing. He turned away from the berry patch and ran downslope, staggering as though inebriated. The puma checked her leap, remaining where she was

While hunting in the Catskill Mountains, he came upon the carcass of a deer, quite recently killed, as he supposed, by a panther or a bear; so he hid himself behind a windfall near by, and had not been there long when a large bear came up and began to make a meal out of the deer. A few minutes after a large panther came also, and began to tear the carcass of the deer. This did not suit bruin, who claimed the deer as his spoil, and struck the panther , who jumped on the other side of the deer, when the bear followed him up and tried to hug him, but the panther soon" (having, doubtless, leaped on the bear's back), "with his hind claws, ripped him open and killed him.

If the panther succeeds in getting on the bear's back he generally makes a kill

bear dies fighting female puma:'s%20back%22%20cougar&f=false

female panther kills bear:

bear dies fight female puma

Bears don't move as fast as cougars, and I wound up and drove my booted foot as hard as I could right up between that bear's back legs,+and+I+wound+up+and+drove+my+booted+foot+as+hard+as+I+could+right+up+between+that+bear%27s+back+legs%22&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj6q8K248rOAhVBQiYKHVvpCq4Q6AEIHjAA#v=onepage&q=%22Bears%20don't%20move%20as%20fast%20as%20cougars%2C%20and%20I%20wound%20up%20and%20drove%20my%20booted%20foot%20as%20hard%20as%20I%20could%20right%20up%20between%20that%20bear's%20back%20legs%22&f=false

Cougar attacks are actually more difficult to survive than most bear attacks, and coming up with defense"
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wherein is described an encounter in which a cougar killed a medium-sized brown bear. It is very probable, moreover, that the black bear is equally disdainful of the puma's presence, and, on occasion, actually aggressively interfers with

knows of one or two grizzly bears killed that looked like puma kills:Image

a bear cannot leap like a puma:

Near the ponds they killed a doe and found a bear carcass half devoured by a panther.

Exceeded in size only by the jaguar among the 12 species of wild felids in the Western Hemisphere, he has proven more than the equal of even the grizzly bear in staged combat.

The panther flew upon him and struck his long sharp claws in his eyes, and in less time than it requires to write it, he tore out the bear's entrails, with his hind claws—the bear fell upon the earth incapable of resistance. The panther walked off a few steps, and turning around, gazed for some time upon his prostrate enemy, who was striving ineffectually to replace his entrails with his paws. After viewing him some time, the panther sat down, and began to lick down his ruffled hairs, but observing the bear making efforts to get tip, he flew upon the helpless fellow again, and a dreadful roaring ensued."I cannot stand by and see the strong oppress the weak," said Girty, whose compassion returned as his curiosity was gratified.We both cocked our guns, but could not shoot with any degree of certainty till the panther would be still, which soon happened.The bear lay on the ground apparently dead,

The panther made his attack by springing about twenty feet upon the bear, and putting his claws and teeth into its neck and back. Bruin had no means to repel this attack but to lie down, bring the panther over her, and with her hind feet to rake the panther down with her claws; whereupon the panther screeched and sprang off, beating a sudden retreat to a little distance. Then old Bruin would right herself up again, and the panther would make another spring upon her back, and repeat the process as before.


An old Californian hunter tells the following story:I never saw or heard of a mountainlion tackling a man, but I can tell you what they will do: They will whip a grizzly bear any time, and the grizzly is king on this coast. I had it straight from an old partner of mine in the mining business. He was over in theRockies, and well up one time, and, on this particular occasion, on an elk-hunt.They had been after the game half a day, when all at once they heard a fearful roar in the brush, and rushing in, they looked through and saw a big grizzly and a mountain-lion having a regular rough-and-tumble fight.

They were jumping about so, and rolling over and over so fast, that they could not tell who was getting the best of it for some time, and they didn't want to shoot, so they stood by and watched the fight.The grizzly was evidently trying to squeeze the lion, which was so slender that it wriggled and squirmed out of the way, but allthe time scratching and tearing just as you see a cat when she is fighting. With such tactics as this, it didn't take long to finish thecontest; the hair was flying from the grizzly, and both animals were covered with blood, and screaming and roaring so that you could have heard them a mile or more. All at once the bear made a break, and tried to run, but he was that weak he fell over, and asthe two brutes lay on their sides, the man shot them both.

The bear's hide was completely torn in pieces, and good for nothing. I believe the mountain-lion would have got away all right;the only thing the matter with it was some of its ribs were broken, and it was well torn up. Yon see, the great hold of a grizzly is to knock an animal over with its claw or paw, and throw its arms about an enemy and squeeze; but a mountainlion will tear and scratch so quick that there isn't much chance for its enemy to come out of the fight alive.

PANTHER AND BEAR.Peter Stewart, while hunting among the Inountains of Rockland, Nevada, witnessed one of the strangest scenes ever seen by a hunter. The Reese River Rereille says that he saw deer-bones lying at the mouth of a crevice in the rocks, and felt sure that it was the den of some wild animal, and that the bones were the remnants of a feast its occupant had made on a deer. Hearing a noise, he hid himself behind a tree, and in a moment saw a big bear come out of the cave, carrying under its arm a panther kitten, which was squalling and kicking with all its might.

The bear rose on its haunches and gave the kitten a box or two on the ear with its fore-paw, squeezed it to death and threw it on the ground. Bruin then returned to the cave, and in a short time came out with another kitten under its arm, which was treated as its companion had been. What the future intentions of the bear were Stewart never found out, for the second kitten had scarcely been killed, when the mother panther appeared and took the bear by surprise. The panther saw her kittens lying on the ground. She bounded first to one, and then to the other, smelling and licking them and uttering plaintive cries. Then turning to the bear, which had remained in an erect position, with a '' she sprang upon him and fastened her claws in his shaggy coat and her fangs in his throat. The bear hurled its antagonist ten feet away with its powerful paws, and attempted to escape a second attack by flight; but the panther was upon it in an instant, and a terrible conflict ensued.

The bear endeavored to catch the panther in its hug, but the latter was too agile, and with every spring upon its huge enemy the panther inflicted terrible wounds with its sharp claws. The blood poured from a dozen great wounds in the bear's body, and at last the panther leaped on the bear as it stood facing her, and fastening ' teeth in its throat, thrust the long, sharp nails of her hind feet into its vitals. The bear fell to the ground. As the anther was returning to its dead kittens Stewart shot 1er.

At all events. the moose is the largest quadruped on our continent, and with his strength and swiftness has only man to dread, as the bear lacks both the courage and agility necessary,
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The bear, which had been mortally wounded, gathered him in with a sweep of the forearm (it was not a blow) and bit him in the arm.

A grizzly or brown bear will grasp and hold a man or beast while biting, or strike with the claws, and blows from their forearms are delivered as frequently and not less effectually than is customary with the lion

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