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Letting go of a manipulative, lying, cheating boyfriend watch

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    Long story short, we were together for two years. He chased after me so much and treated me like a princess. 4/5 months in he started to dump me every week, arguments became physical, he cheated and blamed me. I ran back every time because he would have the sweetest side to him too.

    He's the nicest to his friends and family. I fell for a lot of his stories. He dumped me recently and I can't let go of him. It turns out he was stringing me along and that he didn't want to be with me. He deleted me eveywhere and started contacting all the girls he told me not to worry about.

    I can't help but still hope he changes his mind and comes back and apologises. I am so in love but at the same time, I don't eat, sleep or see anyone because I feel so hurt and insecure. He made me believe I was everything yet it was all a big lie and a day in he was after other girls. I can't stop checking what he's doing, but every time I do I get hurt more

    I don't have any friends to turn to so i come here for help.
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    I'm so sorry to hear you have gone through this. Please don't consider getting back with him if he wants to, he was abusive! You are free, now is your chance to move on and change your life for the better. I know it's hard when you love someone, but he disgustingly mistreated you, you need to forget your feelings for him. Ask yourself, what on earth is worth loving? He is a vile human being who doesn't deserve your feelings.

    You are better than that. Be strong. Have faith in yourself knowing you can overcome these feelings. I really think you should speak to someone, someone who can help and someone who you can pour your feelings out to as bottling it all up is never a good idea.

    You deserve someone so much better, just remember that. And one day, whenever that day may be as you may need time, you'll find someone who will treat you wonderfully and make you feel safe and happy, not insecure and hurt.

    I really hope things improve, please take care. I'm always here if you need someone to talk to :hugs:

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    Bumping now it's been moving back

    Please don't go back! You are worth much more than that. If you really need to talk about issues, then phone a helpline like The Samaritans or book an appointment with your GP. He was manipulative and abusive, so please don't go back out of loneliness or a misguided sense of loyalty. You can move on from this.
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