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    So my family life isn't that great. My parents argue a lot, my sister is very controlling and lectures a lot, she also shouts a lot. This has been going on for years. Im usually the target of these lectures because I'm always up in my room and don't smile often, don't mingle etc. So Im given a long ass lecture to stay downstairs - I get that it's their house their rules and I have to listen to the grown ups who are always right about everything and know everything, but seriously, my sister CANNOT shut her gob. She lectures about everything and it drives me insane. She's been at it for years. Years.

    I don't want to ever be like them when I'm older. I never want to shout at anyone or be angry all the time over petty ****. If I ever dare to voice my opinion (that I don't like all the bickering or lecturing that goes on) I'm seen as a ***** brat that shouldn't have an opinion because I'm too young, and shouldn't ever answer back to someone older than them.

    I don't know. I've been controlled my whole life by my sister. Shes a lot older than me and honestly, I've always been scared of going against her. I always thought she was right about everything. She's so used to being right and everyone bending to her will. I never thought I could get away from her control or that people exist out there who aren't being controlled all the time (heyho, I figured out from my friends that some people actually have some freedom).

    Im seventeen btw. I'm moving out next year September for university. Anyone who was in a similar situation and got out of being controlled so much? All I want is to be happy and successful and free. I don't want people like her in my life but I don't want to be the one to, idk, rip apart the family by leaving 'home' in a bad way. Am I even making sense lol

    Sorry for the long post. Advice would be appreciated
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    Eugh. I seem like a brat. Plus that post was really long. Sorry again :/
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    Maybe your sister is having a rough time if I haven't misunderstood anything. I am not sure what she is going through but I would say just try to put yourself in her shoes. And when there is a time that you guys aren't arguing, just talk to her calmly and asks why she did what she did. At this point, I reckon a talk is very important. It is not wrong to have your own opinion; just talk to your family properly about how you feel. I hope everything works out for you as every cloud has a silver lining. There are other people who go through a even rougher time, so I think you should stay optimistic as things will eventually work out for you.
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