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Can long distance University relationships really work? (Guys?) watch

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    Probably a FAQ but just thought I'd ask, do you think LDR's can work when one person is in Uni and the other isn't?

    Me and my boyfriend met on the bus to school when he joined my school's sixth form - he's in the year above. Before me, he hadn't had any proper relationships, but went to parties a lot and had gotten with a lot of different girls. He'd also had very drunk first-time sex after prom in which he woke up and didn't remember it, so yeah, I wasn't his first.

    But he was mine, and we've been together for just about 2 years now. We see each other almost everyday through sixth form and him living about a 5 minute drive from me. However, he's off to Southampton Uni in September which is a good 2 1/2 hour drive from where I live, and I'm scared.

    Although we've had many ups and downs throughout our relationship, with big arguments resulting in minor break ups and issues with other people, I know that he loves me just as much as I love him. When we have tried to break up, because the arguing got too much, we always end up coming back to each other. But I'm worried that now we'll be so far away and not used to such long distance, we'll break up. I know that it won't be because the 'spark' will die out or the effort will stop, because I will drive up to see him once every 2-3 weeks without fail and I know he will visit me too.

    It's just other girls, clubbing, parties, staying with other people. I know each relationship is different and thus individuals can't answer this but what I want to know is, guys, is it tricky to resist other temptations and girls at university? Do most guys end up cheating? Is an LDR in university something that other people laugh at and perhaps try and get you out of through peer pressure?

    I'm not a controlling girlfriend, I'll be fine with him going out to clubs and making new friends but I'd just like to get a rough idea of what it's actually like. Thanks!

    In short: Yes, they can, with commitment. They're really do different from a normal relationship save for less physical time together, but I personally found that being in an LDR allowed me to connect with my partner deeper on an emotional level.
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