Can't motivate myself to do A2 transition work?

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I have to do 'transition work' (summer homework) to go onto A2. We have to do it for all our subjects, even for the ones we don't intend to carry on to A2. I've managed to do half of my subjects. I still have 2 more subjects to go though, and I really really can't motivate myself to do it.

I have to make a start on my History coursework (1500), and it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to read this huge booklet on how to do it first, as well as the 10 or so books I'm using as references. (I don't have to read the entire book, just excerpts, but still.)

Then for Lit I've got to read 1 book and one substantial poem. Then I have to write up about 800 words in total doing some sort of brief summary.

But I'm just absolutely shattered from AS. Normally I can just set a deadline and make sure I get stuff done in little bits, but now it's like the deadlines just keep going by and I don't even care.

Not to mention the date I have to submit it all is the 8th of August. Plus I have to do a load of uni research and stuff.

It's just all getting on top of me. What should I do?
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The only thing you can do really is just get on with it - 'grasp the nettle', as my mum likes to say!

I'd recommend taking a break for a few days first, so that you're well rested and ready to tackle the work properly afterwards. Then break it down into little bits, for example do one paragraph, then take a small break and reward yourself with something you like doing, do another paragraph and so on. Also consider making a timetable, for example on Monday complete x number of History paragraphs, plus x number of chapters for English, on Tuesday do another x number of paragraphs and chapters, etc.

Best of luck!

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