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Working long hours for a long time- what are the negative effects? watch

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    So I work in investment banking which as you may or may not have heard has a reputation for very long hours. Though I'm probably not experiencing the worst that the industry has to offer, it's no walk in the park either.
    I've been doing a lot of 15h days. I get into the office a bit before 8AM and leave at around 11PM. The workload is very intense and lunch is basically just running to the closest sandwich shop and back again so as to continue working.

    I used to do 2-3 intense gym sessions during the working week (do a bit of amateur competitive weightlifting) but lately I'm only finding myself having time on weekends to train.

    Leaving quite late and commuting home I end up sleeping maybe 5, max 6h on weekdays. I drink tons of coffee and tea (caffeine!) to keep going and as Friday nears (fortunately no weekend work) I find myself more and more exhausted.

    When the weekend finally arrives I'm quite tired and as such have much less energy than I used to to do things.

    I'm still quite young so this is manageable for a while but I don't see how replacing sleep, exercise and activities outside work with less sleep, no life outside work and lots of caffeine can be good for me.

    What might be the long term effects of this? What can I do to counter them? (aside from switching jobs, though I already decided that this is not something I can do in the long run so at some point it will come to a natural end)
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    You highly risk being burned out.

    The long hours, among other factors, are causing more bankers to leave and start their own business, teach...etc.

    Long term, Autoimmune disorders, which can be as damaging as cancer.

    I started out woking for a high street agency, managing it, by the time I was 24. Set up branches from scratch in Leeds, then went off on my own.

    twenty one years later, had found a niche headhunting senior staff in oil and gas, then one day out of the blue, I got psorriasis, a few laters, chronic sarcoidosis, and now I cannot work properly. And Im only 44

    Its so important to get your life work balance right. No-one can carry on like that. I did and it ruined my health. The side effects are horrendous as well, from the treatments. Its simply not worth it, your health is your most important thing.

    And no-one is happy, working those hours. You forget what happiness is. Its just grind, sales consulting, pressure, negotiations, deals. [And in the end what for? To rent a house and pay for someone elses retirement?]

    There are hidden diseases in your genes, that will trigger given the right stressful circumstances for long enough.

    What do you guys do once the markets are shut, or do you work in both European and US markets?
    Even if US markets shut at 9 pm GMT, Asian markets don't open till 1 am, so what do you guys do from 9 pm to 11 pm?
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