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    Okay so I'm a 15 year old girl and have never gave my parents a reason not to trust me, they even say themselves that they're grateful that I'm so well behaved etc.. The thing is I hardly ever go out unless it's to town with my friends every couple of months or so. My parents often go on at me about not going out enough.

    With the release of Pokemon GO in the UK I have been going out a lot more with my friends however my parents refuse to let me go out on my own. I want to point out I live in a safe village. I wanted to walk down my road at 7:30pm when it was still light out and my Dad said No. I think this is a bit ridiculous to not let a 15y/o walk down the road and back when other people my age are out much later than often.

    So then I thought well i'll ask if I go out in the morning about 7:30am but my Mum said no. This is irritating me as i'm very competitive and don't to fall be hide my friends on Pokemon.

    I have tried to talk to my parents about this reasonably but they just get angry. What also annoys me how they were telling me to get out more and now that I am they're not allowing me to. It's getting to the point to the point where I'm considering sneaking out as I have been good my whole life and I should live a little, but I don't want to ruin the relationship with my parents.

    What should I do?

    Sorry if I asked this in the wrong place i'm new.
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    Have they explained why they won't allow you to go out?

    What tigerrag said... that's a bit strange, at 15 I could basically go out when/where I wanted within reason (obviously had a curfew still), there is some concern over young people and pokemon though, perhaps she's head negative things about the game?
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    I can sort of understand where you are at. I reckon your parents might be a bit worried that you are have suddenly become more outgoing. They may have worries about the game and how you can get into an accident etc. Since the game involves the player walking around the town, which could be dangerous as you could get hit by a car if you don't watch out. I think what you should do is to talk to them calmly about wanting to be more independent. Try to reason that this will help you develop your friendship more and that one day you will be on your own and you need to be able to deal with situations where your parents aren't with you. Going out more helps you to learn more and assure them as much as possible that you will not get into any trouble. Also, I don't think you should get mad at them ( even the slightest) for what they did because I think that's just parents being protective of their children( my friends have these problems as well). You might not be able to convince them immediately but I think at the end they will understand you and give in.

    What is all this Pokemon ****?
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    Try to understand your parent's point of view, they want you to be safe and it is always better to be safe than sorry. Pokemon Go is going through its viral phase and I know that it is a fun game but it is not at all worth spoiling the relationship that you have with your parents. If your parents agree to let you go out with your friends then go outside with a few of them and play Pokemon Go, it is safer in the sense that there will be others with you and will be able to stop you from making the wrong decision (e.g. walking down a very lonely road or through an alleyway even when it is daylight). My parents are like that and I can totally understand that.

    Please do not try to sneak out as it is silly and dangerous. Also, it will make your parents worry unnecessarily.
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Updated: July 20, 2016
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