What is Clearing and is it right for me?

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Clearing helps students who don't have any offers to find courses where places are still available. It also applies to those who apply late.73% of students say they are unsure what to expect when contacting universities about available courses during Clearing. Our step-by-step guide explains what happens if you find yourself looking for a course.

Useful dates
5 July - start of Clearing process on UCAS
End of July - we announce which courses are available in Clearing on www.bcu.ac.uk/clearing
18 August - A Level Results Day

Step 1: Take our quiz and find out if Clearing is for you at www.bcu.ac.uk/what-is-clearing

Step 2: Find out if you are eligible for Clearing
Clearing can be used by people who already have a place at University or those who haven't yet applied.Specifically, you may wish to use Clearing if:
- You don't achieve the exam results you need and find yourself rejected by your firm and insurance choices.
- You change your mind about the subject or career path you wish to pursue and have asked your firm choice to release you into Clearing.
- You make a late application to start your studies after the UCAS deadline of 30 June and have not applied through UCAS at all.
- You have done better in your exams than you originally thought and now wish to be considered for other courses at different universities - this is known as Adjustment.
More information about Clearing and Adjustment is available on the UCAS website.

Step 3: plan for Clearing now
Last year, more than 60,000 students found their university place through Clearing. Remember, Clearing is not a negative thing – it could be your chance to ‘trade up’.

You can download our free guide to Clearing 2016, which gives hints and tips on how you can prepare – including advice from current students – so you’ll be ready for results day. Download it from here: www.bcu.ac.uk/clearing/early-advice

Already got your results? If you have all of your qualifications, simply fill in our quick form and our admissions team will contact you within two working days about a possible place. www.bcu.ac.uk/clearing-results

If you're worried, want to explore other options, or need further help and advice about making an application at any time, please contact us using our Clearing help form at www.bcu.ac.uk/clearing-help or reply to this thread!

Hope that helps

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