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My dog's new owner is refusing to give him back watch

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    so i had a 7 month old labrador puppy for 5 months. i am the one who chose it and named it. but my mum recently has been trying to give it away. the third person who came left with the dog immediately and gave my mum £100.

    He told me and my mum that he is not home half the time but my mum still gave it away

    the reason she wants to give it away is because sometimes my parents get into arguments about Loki (Labrador Retriever) especially about the shedding and Loki is not allowed in the living room. he has to stay in the conservatory.
    however a few days before the third person came, my dad and i made an agreement. loki is allowed anywhere in the house as long as i tidy up the mess.

    my dad said i could keep it however when i told my mum she refused to listen (that is her normal behavior, she always thinks she is right and therefore doesn't need to listen to me)

    it has been1 week since he has gone and i texted the man asking whether i could come and see Loki. He said that he won't be home until Saturday (he told us that he is a divorced man living by himself) and i am really worried about Loki because how can he leave a puppy on its own for 5 days and also the fact that when he got Loki he said we can visit the dog but he keeps putting it of.

    I had a long conversation with my parents earlier today and they said that we can buy Loki back but when i asked him he said 'no chance' because Loki is 'happy, settled and enjoying life'

    i really want him back cause i never wanted him to go and i can't get to grips with him leaving (i have been crying everyday for the past week)

    The guy who bought the dog is also starting to sound a bit dodgy. is this something to be concerned about? and is there any way to persuade him to give Loki back? if he is still refusing to give him back, how should i get over the fact that i may never see Loki again?
    what should i do?
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    TSR Support Team
    (Original post by Kobisha)
    I'm not too sure as there's anything you can do in this situation unfortunately- as far as the man is concerned, he bought the dog from your parents and he is now the owner of it. It's up to you if he lets you see him and whilst I don't know anything about the law side I don't see as he has to have anything to do with you now, harsh as that sounds. If you're concerned about the dog's welfare you can get in contact with the RSPCA or similar (again don't know the technical side, someone else can tell you that!) but don't really know what else you can do. Other than that, you're just going to have to talk to your parents about it I'm afraid, really sorry things have happened like that- I'd be absolutely devastated and sure a lot of pet owners would be the same

    Edit: As others have said, things might be different if the dog is rightfully yours and you have proof etc of that, in which case I'd imagine it could be a police matter :dontknow:

    No offence but your mum sounds like some *****. I mwould hate her if she did that. Do you know where he lives? Break in and get him back. He should not be leaving a puppy in there for 5 days. Thats animal cruelty.

    Get that dog back no matter what you have to do.

    If the dog is yours, then your parents had no right to sell it.

    If your mum was complaining about the shedding everywhere then clearly she felt she was doing most of the looking after the dog. Did you buy the dog? If you didn't buy it then legally I'm not sure it's your dog. If your mum bought it and was doing most of the care despite reassurances from yourself that she wouldn't need to then she probably does have the right to sell it.

    A few ill-informed people here. Unless OP bought and cares for it, it was not OP's but the family's pet. Mother can do what she likes.
    You have no rights to visit.
    And absolutely do not 'break in'! Flipping hell.

    All we have is OP's word they're leaving it alone - how does OP know the new owner didn't take to a kennel or take with them?
    If you're concerned call RSPCA to check in.

    Otherwise, you have no comeback. Wait till you're old enough and move out and get your own.

    To be completely honest - as good as your intentions may be, you shouldn't have the full responsibility of a dog. But on the other hand, nor should this man who, if it's true what you say, is leaving it alone a lot.

    The reason I don't think you should have the dog is that based on what you've said - you're a child and you live with your parents. Their house, their rules. Your mother sounds unbearable but if she doesn't want a dog in her home then that's her decision and if you had already been cleaning up the 'mess' it created then she wouldn't have been annoyed about it. I do wonder why on earth your parents got the dog in the first place and let you bond with it if they didn't want it though.

    Dogs need a lot of time and money - they need vaccinations and monthly worming, they need food, bedding, toys, new collars/leads and if you're responsible they need neutering/chipping and in an ideal world also pet insurance. If a dog gets ill or injured they will need to see a vet and vet fees in the UK are hugely expensive (my last trip to the vet cost me £200). Dogs also need daily walks - and not just a quick walk down the road. As a young person living at home, I doubt you have the money to look after a dog - and if your parents don't want a dog, why should they pay for it? And since neither of them seem especially keen (would your Dad have allowed people to view the dog if he REALLY wanted it?) it would be massively unfair on the dog even if you changed their mind about it - because if someone doesn't love a dog, they shouldn't have a dog because dogs are very social and require affection. You also need time to exercise and train it - it's a big responsibility.

    If you are genuinely worried about the welfare of the dog then contact the RSPCA, but if the man who has the dog is looking after it properly then I think you need to let Loki go because dogs need money and time and attention and I'm afraid I don't think you can offer that at your age and with 2 parents who don't seem as if they would love to have a dog. Your mother was irresponsible to bring a puppy home without thinking of how it would affect you and without being 100% committed to keeping a dog and it's ultimately her fault.
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