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    I need some advice regarding my ex flatmate who wants me to pay he £70 for the wifi bill in the last 8 months. I have been living with my boyfriend for the last six months and had agreed with my other flatmate that I would no longer pay bills for the flat I shared with the girls. Our lease is now over and I have fully moved in with my boyfriend and this flatmate is insisting that I owe her this money for wifi. I very politely asked her why she didn't mention this as soon as she saw I wasn't paying as in that case this all could have been sorted out and it would only be £8 a month. She said she didn't want to hassle me for money because she knew I didn't have much (which I have never said) and if she thought that why would she wait until the bill was much higher? Please help I have been feeling really down about this.

    Also, the reason I stopped staying at the flat was because I didn't feel comfortable with this flatmate anymore as she was very immature and just liked to cause drama and it made me feel very unwelcome in my own flat.
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    Is that the whole bill or your share?

    I wouldn`t pay it. Why wasn`t this mentioned earlier?

    you say this is the bill for 8 months and you moved out 6 months ago? so presumably you definitely need to pay 2 months of wifi costs

    my personal feeling is that if you agreed to live there for a year and pay X for the wifi unless you agreed with BOTH flatmates to not pay anymore then you probably still need to contribute since they took out the contract based on three and it's not really their fault you chose to leave (assuming she wasn't violent etc)

    the problem is you have agreed not to pay with one flatmate but clearly she hasn't been paying extra or setting up for the two of them to split the costs and now this person is £80 out of pocket

    I get why it feels unfair if you're not actually living there... perhaps you could pay the two months you do owe and then offer to give them half for the remaining months as a gesture of goodwill as you weren't living there but accept that you just left without resolving it
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