Third year in Japan this September: receiving maintenance loan early?

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Hi SFE, I'm in a difficult spot here.

I'll be studying abroad for my third year as an undergrad this September, and I've recently received confirmation of enrolment from my partner university in Tokyo. Everything's in order; I have my exam results, I've paid for my flight, I've requested a Course Abroad Form, and I'll be getting my visa at the Japanese Embassy in London.

My only problem is I have no money to afford the ¥318,000 (£2260 in post-Brexit money) due by August 5th to pay for the first few months rent of my accommodation (provided by the university), along with other anticipated expenses between now and my departure on August 31st.

I understand that students who study in Japan as part of a university exchange program may receive their entire maintenance loan and grant for the year in a single instalment. However, based on my Student finance account, I will receive three instalments as usual--the first will be paid to me on August 22nd. This is too late, I'll be in urgent need of my loan and grant by August 5th.

How could I receive the whole of my student loan for 2016/17 within the next two weeks?

Tiger Rag
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I've never heard of students studying abroad being able to receive their loan and grant early. The dates are set by the uni.
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It's only possible for students studying in China, Japan or Russia for a whole academic year. I suppose that's why staffers answering calls at SFE don't seem to know, either.

Do any representatives of Student Finance England actually answer queries, here?

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