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"But what about black-on-black crimes?" watch

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    Time and time again I've heard this argument. Usually, it's after someone has suggested that perhaps police, and more widely the justice system in America, disproportionately kill and incarcerate African-Americans. It somehow deflects to this argument, and the relative silence in black communities regarding black-on-black crimes. It becomes even worse when African-Americans themselves come on CNN and repeat this argument.

    1. One can care about the supposed black-on-black crime epidemic in African American neighbourhoods, whilst at the same time denouncing the way African Americans are treated by law enforcement. In fact, theres evidence to suggest that African Americans do care about violence in their communities (http://www.theatlantic.com/national/...olence/255329/)

    2. Since most communities in the US are largely racially homogenous (due to socio-economic reasons) isn't it safe to say that members of any race perpetrate violent crime against other members of the same race? I believe the statistics for white-on-white crime are that 84% of white people killed every year are killed by other white people (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kerry-...b_6771878.html).

    3. When explaining this supposed phenomenon, it always comes down to the thuggery that is glorified in black culture, when actually it's probably down to socio-economic factors. African Americans live in the poorest areas, with the worst education, underemployment and a lack of any institutional resources. It's no wonder there is more violence in these communities. That's not excusing the violence, it's just a more logical explanation.

    4. The foundation of the argument is flawed because black-on-black crime is persecuted to the utmost. Of the 1,500 cases of cops killing people in 2015, not one officer was convicted, and a small proportion were indicted. I admit to only reading about some of the cases, but even those have been morally questionable.

    5. As a final point, I wonder how white working-class Americans would react if I told them unemployment in their communities was due to the white drug epidemic (specifically the growing heroin epidemic in white America: https://news.vice.com/article/heroin...dy-is-sure-why). It's absurd, but it's a similar argument to the one in the title.

    People make this argument because black lives matter is called "black lives matter", not blacks against police. What they are saying is that if you are so passionate about saving black people then one should focus on the biggest killer of black people, other black people. Which in my opinion as a black man, is the most pressing issue plaguing black people in america, that and fatherless(another issue black lives matter does not talk about).

    The 3rd point is just not true. The poorest communities in America are in places like rural Appalachia and the Ozarks that are overwhelmingly white. These places often do have bad drug problems as you said but they don't commit much violent crime. Poverty and education are only moderately correlated with crime in the USA whereas race is very strongly correlated with crime.
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