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I'm not one to usually post stuff like this on forums but it's something I want to warn others about. A year ago I moved in with 2 girls, 1 of which I thought was my friend. Since then I've had money, & sentimental jewellery stolen, my boyfriends phone stolen, my clothes ruined, my possessions hidden, glasses & abuse hurled at me - among many other things.When I reported my stuff being stolen to the police they couldn't do anything because it all happened in my house - so no sign of break in etc. So I gave up and just continued to live there. When asked WHY? Why are you doing this? Just silence. They couldn't tell me why. (& trust me they weren't silent people - especially when they were drunk). I later received an apology from one of the girls who's excuse was 'It got out of hand because there was 2 of them'. I should have known not to move in with them when I asked them prior to moving in if one of my best friends could move in too - as she didn't have somewhere to live at the time. They said no.. (Baring in mind one of the girls went to school with us for 2 years). It was genuinely the most mentally testing thing I've ever done. I even had to use my blender in my bedroom haha! I didn't let them spoil my year, but I've had a tough time not letting them.Basically if you don't know someone well enough, don't trust them. I made the mistake of doing so and it caused so much unneeded stress in my life. And never stoop to other peoples level, even if it is petty things.
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I'm sorry to hear that. Did you get all your stuff back or at least a compensation of some sort?

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