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So recently I applied to Tesco on a couple of positions online, and one of them replied to me and gave me a one to one interview. It went really well and they said they would inform me within a week if I succeeded or my online dashboard would change in status.

Now heres the weird part, its been a week and 3 days and I had no reply or change, but then I get a email saying that due to my application I have been shortlisted and invited to a 3D CV assessment interview. Now I didn't apply to any management jobs only customer assistant jobs so why would they invite me to do a 10 minute presentation? isin't that a bit extreme? the only information i can find is that people who get invited to these interview are doing schemes and apprenticeships and i don't know whether its related to my first interview or just a general interview for my profile.

I would appreciate if anyone has any information,

Thank you

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