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    Who I Am: i'm 24. Never had a girlfriend or met up with a friend in 12 years. Got straight As throughout school and had to drop out of a maths degree halfway through. Currently on sick leave from a supported admin and cafe job but this won't last long and then i decide whether to go back. The place i work at is trying to streamline me into working in admin long term, it seems. i can only do my job because of crazy pills that make me overweight. Used to be good looking and would be again if i came off. s. Just moved out of parents' house to flat across town and see a social worker 3 times a week to help me do stuff- they are nice but i find it a bit degrading i suppose. Right now i have an electric piano, a guitar, a ps3, a ps4, a psvita and a collection of maths books to read and some puzzles like Rubiks cubes in the flat...thats all i have really. No one left in personal life who i can talk to who is nice. Obviously no one to hug and chat to when i feel rough.

    My questions:

    1. What should i do in my flat out of my stuff? All i feel good for right now is videogames (completed uncharted 1,2,3 on ps4 recently and playing mad max). Assuming i can never go back to uni or make a living off a stuff i like, should i bother with my science and maths books? Piano?

    2. Should i let them streamline me into being an admin worker on crazy pills? Would this help me find love etc?

    3. How can i find people to meet up with and who can keeo me company in my flat? Just want a chat amd to open up.

    4. In terms of exercise, all ive done in ages is walking. Dont run a car so walk a few miles a day. Should i just walk more for now. Do t feel i cam face swimmin or cycling or anything?

    5. I get bad memories of the past amd get annoyed with certain people. Should i just distract myself with stuff like games?

    6. I want a girlfriend who cares about me and i get on with and feel attracted to for long term. What is my best bet to find this? I dont expect alpha females to want me obviously and i think thatd be weird anyway for me to be with them. I just want someone nice. They dont have to be "stunning" to other people. Id say im a 5-6/10 with current weigbt problem amd could be a 7-8 just by fasting for a bit amd walking some weight off.

    Well the friends I have now (limited) are ones Ive know since childhood, its very hard to make real friends in adult life, you can never really trust them. Do you not have old school mates you can reach out too? There must be an old friend you can start to talk too? Get on facebook and start networking.. Dw bout a job dont take it so serious its a means to an end.. Start getting social and putting urself out there. No one is going to come to u so u have to go to them.

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