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what the heck is? spilled his feelings then took it back? Just not that into me? watch

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    I met a guy 2 months ago and everything seemed to be going well.

    Recently he had asked me to go on a 4 day trip with him to his roommate's lake house. Then we spent 4 days in a row together. The following Saturday he was telling his roommate that I was coming to the lake house, so he seemed excited, or so I thought. I stayed over there and he made breakfast for me and I was there all evening. He dropped me off and said he wanted me and his girlfriends to come swing by his job so that he could see me. He even sent a text later on that evening saying, "I'm glad you're coming by tonight ". He told me he had some things planned the next day but wanted to see me so he would rearrange his schedule (another good sign or so I thought).

    The next day I went over there and he had just come from a barbecue so he was pretty drunk.Well he saw that another guy was calling me and made a joke at first about me having a 'roster and said that my 'number 1' was calling. He then said that his 'number 1' was on her way but then retracts it and said that he was just kidding because he doesn't have a number 1. I'm his number 1 and only 1. That he knows that I'm not his and I can do whatever I want but that if I talk to other guys that it would hurt his feelings. Then he asked me if this other guy was really my number 1 *rolls eyes*. It was an awkward moment so I turned away my face away from him and that's when he said "seriously? am I not? Look at me I'm asking you a question". I started laughing (uncomfortable laugh) and said you are but then he said I think you're lying to me. I said that I wouldn't lie to him to which he replied "I knew I was your number one". Then he started to write a fake letter to the other guys saying "f' them. If you're not 24 and older don't try to her approach her. She has someone now. Y'all are all stupid. Signed *insert his name*.Then he started to kiss me and he pulls apart, looks at me and said, "Stop. Can we just stop playing games? It's just you and me okay?" I said, "okay". So after that I ask him if he's always this touchy feely and he said, "No, only when I really like someone and I like you a lot. I want to let you know that what ever you're doing for your birthday I want to be there. Also, I'm going to call you my baby because you're my baby. Is that okay?". Again, I just say, "okay". The next morning he wakes up and says, "eff that other guy". I asked him if he remembered what he said to which he replied, "yea the gist of it". I told him about the letter he wrote the 'other guys' and he made another 'number 1 joke' and we laughed about it.

    We never really discussed what he said the night before. Any who, we started to talk about our previous relationships and he asked if I still talked to my ex and I told him no. He said other girls before him had issues with how he communicated. He isn't big on texting and with his line of work (works on set for a media company) he isn't by his phone so he'll go days without saying something because he's just busy and forgets but it's not that he's not interested he's just not glued to his phone. He shrugged and said he's not going to change.After I go home he contacted me the next two days in a row and everything seemed fine. We said a few things to each other and eventually he didn't respond back, but then he contacted me again the next day. He said hey and I said "hey weirdo" in Spanish, he asked if I called him a nerd, I said no, a weirdo and then no response. 5 days passed and no word from him at all and the trip is coming up. I sent him a text saying, "Hey I'm unsure about this weekend. I know you're bad at communicating (which you are lol) because it's causing issues and it doesn't work for me. Let me know what's going on this weekend". He responded and said, "Can't say that I didn't warn you...? :/. Honestly I don't think this weekend (the trip) is a good idea. Wth? Just a *week* ago, the day before he got drunk, he seemed excited about the trip when he was telling his roommate.I don't respond back but I run into him days later. He pretty much said asking me on the trip was a mistake and he was just "effing around with the whole roster thing (you're my number 1 and only one/wanting to see only each other), and he even tried to put things on me. He said he didn't want to talk about it right then because he wanted to talk sober. I said okay and walked away. So other guys were trying to talk to me while we were out and my girlfriends said he was watching me all night and he looked pissed when they were talking to me.

    Eventually he came over to where I was sitting on the couch, despite a ton of room on the other end, and he positioned himself on the back of the couch so that I was between his legs and then he tried rub my shoulder but I took his hand off and said, "um excuse you". They said he Then other guys were trying to talk to me while we were out and my girlfriends said he was watching me all night and he looked pissed when they were talking to me. Eventually he came over to where I was sitting on the couch and then positioned himself on the back of the couch so that I was between his legs and then he tried rub my shoulder but I just nudged him off and he just walked away. My friends also said he kept trying to get my attention and that he looked like a sad puppy *rolls eyes*.Wtf? I'm just so confused and incredibly annoyed. Thoughts? Just not that into me? Sorry for the wall of text! lol
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    He sounds really quite creepy and weird, and like he doesn't know what the hell he wants. I'd just stay away. He's the one saying to you that he doesn't want to go away with you anymore and being cold, and then getting really jealous and possessive?

    You both are lost. Stop playing games... If you like him why are you nudging him and rolling your eyes? You keep pushing him away and playing that game you're going to lose him. Next time hug the f out of him he will love it, he seems into you.
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