Most effective approach for finding a job (post A-Levels)

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    To this day I haven't had a job and based on last years' summer break, if I don't find one soon I'm going to be fairly bored. I've tried searching for similar discussions on here however was unable to find any.

    I've searched various websites, (e.g. Universal Jobmatch), however many jobs that shown up would be unsuitable (such as shop manager). I still haven't found anything suitable as they either are not on the sites that I'm searching on or are just hidden behind the heaps of unsuitable jobs. What I'm here to ask is as to what the most effective approach for finding a job is? I'm currently on summer break and am starting University in October. Should I continue searching through websites in hopes to find something applicable? Should I go into physical shops/businesses and ask if there are any vacancies and hand over a CV with contact details?


    Have you tried indeed? There are lots of retail vacancies on there!
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    (Original post by sameehaiqbal)
    Have you tried indeed? There are lots of retail vacancies on there!
    Good suggestion. On it now & found a few!

    Indeed and Monster are good. If you create a really good CV, you could also go into shops / cafes / restaurants etc. to give them out. Also check on individual company websites or social media pages (especially Twitter / Facebook) as lots of companies recruit that way.

    Unfortunately it does take time, but keep going!

    Good luck!
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Updated: July 26, 2016
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