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    During my exams this year I was almost constantly ill, with two bouts of severe tonsillitis. I was also one of the people who sat the almost unanswerable Edexcel History exam (which has been complained about no end in the academic forum). I need AAB to take up my place at Bristol, and due to these circumstances I'm extremely concerned about missing the grades. I worked so hard and I did pass a doctor's note onto the exam board regarding my illness, but a combination of being unwell and a bad paper mean I have a feeling I could come away with ABB at best, and Bristol's English department is so oversubscribed that I'm almost sure that won't be enough.

    So my question is, should I write to the university now and tell them of the circumstances? Has anyone done this? What was the outcome? And what should I write? I want to study the course there more than anything and don't want to come across as whining that I felt ill and got a bad paper! I've had plenty of additional events this year I could blame the situation on (parents' divorce, moving house on the same day as one of my January modules) but people have overcome much worse things so I feel a bit pathetic making a fuss! At the same time, though, I will do just about anything to keep my Bristol place.

    Any tips/advice/experience?

    well done on getting an offer. write to the english department, they have been known to be flexible with grades as they give out a very small percentage of offers anyway.

    it certainly wouldn't hurt to write a letter to the department, possibly inclosing a photocopy of the doctors paper (or explain one was issued). as PQ said, reiterate your 'love' for the course etc.

    this combined with your letter to the exam board should put you in a good position. remember if you're going to write a letter to them, make it a good one. the person who receives it may well be the person that has to decide if they are going to issue a place or not.

    you should probably write to the person that made you an offer. if you only received notification of your offer through UCAS, then this page has an academic list of staff in the english department (see admissions);

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    Thanks so much for your advice guys, you've been an immense help I'll write a letter as you suggested, I guess I have nothing to lose. Thanks a lot for such helpful responses, I really appreciate it (thanks especially for digging out that link timeofyourlife)
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