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A few years ago I left my Pharmacy course for Nursing and recently I've felt like maybe I regret this decision. I took this decision as at the time I wanted to be more clinical, to be more involved with patient care, have more patient interaction and look at the medical side of things, with the possibility of it leading to a nurse practitioner (and prescribing).My main interest lies within anatomy and physiology as well as looking at drugs, I am so interested in medicines and the pharmacology linked to them, I love learning about pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. It's safe to say since starting nursing I have done none of that and I am majorly unhappy with the lack of academic work, (although I would like to do a MSc in something more clinical or even attempt to transfer to medicine) so I have been thinking have I made a big mistake? I am very indecisive HELPPPP (all advice appreciated).

I have often thought maybe swapping courses to paramedic but I am in second year of nursing and I think that a reason I have been more confused lately is because I didn't enjoy my main placement. I think nursing has a lot of great options and a varieties of specialities, however, I HATED working on the wards, other places i've been seem to interest me, district nursing, A&E, doctors surgeries, walk in centres and other urgent care departments. I have even been out with paramedics and loved it, just the thought of having to work on a ward makes me want to quit and leave and never look back. I also hear lots of other student nurses saying how much they love it but I just don't feel this way, not when I'm doing ward work anyway.

So, should I be doing Biomed?! Because I am quite academic and I am interested in things like pathology and pathophysiology, looking at the study of disease, diagnosis and about how drugs work etc. I think that looking at things like cancer cells and endocrine diseases as well as the mechanism of hormones/neurotransmitters is fascinating. I also enjoy neurology and neurosciences. I've never really known if I'd like to work in a lab but nothing can be as bad as constant ward work.

SORRY FOR THIS ESSAY ( hope people will bother to read it as i require a lot of advice as my brain is scrambled. )
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I think you really need to take some time to think about what you want to do. It sounds like you like the idea of a lot of different things but don't really know what studying them is like and what working in those fields is like. Did you actually finish some of your pharmacy course and get some credits for it? What about your nursing course? I think it may be a good idea to finish enough of your current course to get some credits, then interrupt and take a year off to work out what you want to do. In this year spend some time gaining work experience in the different fields and work out what interests you, what you enjoy and what skills you have. Then decide what you want to do, what you need to study to get there and what career paths and options are available to you. Otherwise you're just jumping from one thing to the next confusing yourself, wasting time and possibly student finance and will possibly come across as flaky to future employers.

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