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Why is my ex contacting me when she's (supposedly) with someone else watch

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    So last week on a night out, I received a phone call from my ex at about 2:30am, I picked it up to her absolutely in tears down the phone, so in my drunken haze, had a chat with her, we've been no contact for about 9 months so it was kind of a shock that she'd even kept my number tbh. I don't think she was too drunk though by the sounds of things

    She started going on about how she misses me, still loves me and started asking me about my life and if i was seeing someone, to which I replied that it's not really any of her business anymore, but later conceded that no I wasn't seeing anyone just to stop her asking the question. I then asked if she was seeing anyone, to which she said no, and that she hadn't even been near a guy since the breakup, which i'm not sure I believe. Anyway we had a catch up and then ended the call which lasted about an hour.

    On Friday this week I accidentally rang her on Facebook chat as her name for some reason was next to my mates? (If anyone knows how to get rid of people off this let me know also please?!), it rang for a split second until i managed to cancel the call, she then questioned it and I told her it was an accident. She simply wrote "oh right ok" back and left it.

    Then an hour later she messages me, asking if i'm okay, that she hopes i'm safe, and i reply that i'm fine, why wouldn't I be? But asked if she was okay because she seemed to panicking?? She said to me "I'm okay I think, probably" so I asked what was up, to which I got a reply saying "she's fine mate she's not your problem anymore don't worry about it mate"... at this point i'm like... but she's contacting me? So I ignored the messages, and then at half 8 in the morning I had the same message again? Like I didn't get it the first time. I've ignored it since. Why is she messaging me if she's seeing someone, because that's the vibe I get from that message? Makes no sense, especially 9 months on from a break up.

    Cheers for any help and cheers for reading

    Ex's can exhibit odd behavior, OP. If I were you I would just do your best to ignore her, that includes blocking her completely, and moving on with your life.

    If seems emotionally immature; could be she's with a guy but is still hung up on you, could be she isn't with a guy and wants to know if you're still available as she's lonely. Who knows? Only she does. Don't waste time thinking about it, remove her from your life and go find a new girl worthy of your time!
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