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I recently read a really rather negative review of diagnostic radiography at Cardiff university and I would like offer a positive Yang to the negative Yin that has previously be offered for your perusal.

I recently graduated in diagnostic radiography at Cardiff and I LOVED my experiences over the last three years. YES, it was hard work, YES,Cardiff expect a certain standard and YES I would recommend this university. Everyone in my cohort that graduated went straight into full time employment, most of us having already secured a job by the Christmas of our 3rd year.
I was a mature student and I worked really hard throughout my studies and the lecturers were very keen to encourage other students of a similar mindset. I found that if you put the effort in the lecturers were more than happy to help you whenever you needed it. also people who may be struggling are offered additional assistance if needed. There was always someone available on the end of the phone or email to help you with your queries. I struggled with physics and made full Use of the extra tutorials that were offered and also spent time with my personal tutor going through past exam papers to make sure I fully understood the subject. It was never about passing the exams, there was a definate interest in making sure I really understood these principles so I could apply them to my job.

Two people in my cohort received 1st class awards, it is an achievable goal. It should be hard to get a 1st shouldn't it? Isn't that the point? Others received additional recognition at graduation for their efforts and were awarded with the David Walters cup prize. It's not only about being excellent academically, it's about the effort you put in to your studies and your attitude to learning.

The library was very good, plenty of computer labs throughout the campus and also online assistance and scheduled tutorials on how to make the most out of the services the library could offer. Ty dewi want also has computer labs available to students.

Clinical placements were basic 37.5 hours a week and if u needed to make up hours due to absence you could do so over the summer holidays or over the weekends so should you choose. I was never expected to work 12 hour shifts and nor was anyone in my cohort. There are a minimum number of hours that every student has to do and to allow some to work less would be unfair to the majority. With good time management and a good work ethic, good grades are achievable. Clinical assessments are based on the clinical work you are currently doing and are an aid to direct your learning of the practical aspect of your future career. They're not meant to trick you or trip you up, they want to make sure you know what your doing when you do eventually qualify.

We trained to be health care professionals, and the high standards expected from the university reflect the high standards expected of us as professionals. Our role in the care pathway of patients is an important one (as is any role in healthcare) we care for people when they are most vulnerable and when they are having the worst day of their life! It is important that we strive to be the best that we can be so that we can provide the best level of care to our patients. If you don't want to work hard and at a consistently high standard, then don't go into healthcare!

I hope you read lots of other forums and pages about Cardiff university so that you can form your own opinion of this establishment. Please go to the open day and please do your research, there can be so much tripe written on the internet by people with their own agenda that the reality of the situation can be skewed. Whatever uni you do decide to go to, commit to your choice and try and get everything positive you can from your experiences and if you do need help, speak to a real person and not an online forum!

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