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    So sorry guys but this is gonna be a long discussion.

    So I have been dating this guy at my workplace for 6 months now. He is a Jamaicanguy (am also half Jamaican as well). He is a good guy (well i think he is),when we go out he won’t let me buy stuff for myself etc. He is also sexuallyactive (he tried to do it with me the last time and I refused).

    Anyways, I dont understand his character. I message him every now and thento see how he is doing and checking up on him and etc on WhatsApp and he alwayssees my message but never replies. When he does reply it is like 7/8 hoursafter and i do know he has been on there replying to other people and I had adiscussion with him at work about this and he said he was busy and i was likeif u are busy why were u then online several times he never replies.

    So i let it off several times. The only time he messages me is in the nightwhen he is about to sleep or he just came back from the gym (he said) or if heis horny.

    There are a lot of red flags with him and my heart is telling me somethingis not right with this guy and he is hiding something from me. One particularincident happened like 4 months into our relationship were his ex (he said)messaged me from his phone telling me off that he is cheating on her and whothe hell am i and I should tell him to come and pack his bags and that I canhave it she dont care she just want him out of her house. I found that verydisturbing and I did ask him before we started dating several times if he wasseeing someone and he bluntly said no. When I replied back to the text saying ididnt know he was seeing someone and i said i dont want him. He got angry andcame to work and said he was at his ex’s house and she had his phone and wentthrough his phone and messaged me from it.

    I confronted it that why is he at her house? After a long ass argument, heapologised saying his ex is crazy and she always does that when he is in arelationship with someone. So after several days, I forgave him.

    So back then he would reply me back whenever i messaged him and then afterlike two days after the incident I would message him and he will again go backto how he was, see my message and never reply till like 8 hours after.

    Recently, I got fed up of all this and then totally stopped messaging himand also blanked him at work (he sits right behind me) and he noticed this aswell. I started to open my options and I met a long-time friend who I hadn’tseen in a long time and he asked me and I told him am seeing someone although iam not sure what his intentions are for me and he told me that guys is just usingme and so after this guy persuaded me, I decided to give him a chance and thisguy has a son and he has been professing his love for me etc and saying hewants us to get married. He said the reason he never asked me out before wasbecause my dad is strict and i was still in school but now that am 21, hethought he would give it a chance.

    Now my bf apologised to me and said he was sorry and because I am workingwith him i forgave him and we started talking again and he borrowed my phone tomake a call and he was going to send a link for a task we were doing at work onWhatsApp, he said he accidently selected on my chat with the guy who has thekid and he read everything and he said he is disappointed that am cheating onhim and I bluntly told him, I dont know what I am to you. we are already sixmonths into the relationship and you behave funny and strange and you neverreply my messages on time and I dont have time for bull **** and he was likefine delete my number and i did and then something happened at work and westarted talking again and I told the other guy that he needs to give me sometime and my head is not screwed on currently.

    Now again I messaged my bf on Saturday as he messaged me after i messagedhim on Friday and he never answered till again around 7/8 hours later and imessaged him back and he blanked me for the whole day and yesterday as well andu know what I dont really care. He is 25 years old by the way and I think heonly wants me for sex (we have never had sex).

    He got jealous when he found out another guy liked me and whenever am on thephone talking to a guy or if am texting and he sneaks up behind me, he gets jealousand says, here we go again ur talking with another one and I just caught my eyeat him and I am always on the verge of insulting him.

    I dont know what he wants from me. From the moment i met him I have alwayssupported him, cared for him, showed him love and he is just being a **** and Iam too young for this ****.

    I just want to know what your take is on this guys as right now, I dont wantto be in a relationship, I only just started dating this year and already amfed up.

    I prefer to be single. I dont understand men at all.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.

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