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    Hi all,
    I recently was thinking whether to go to uni and not and i recently came with this thought that i should go as the debt wont really affect me that much because i pay only a little from my wage and if i dont have a job i dont have to pay it. So im recently about to decide to go uni but i have few questions .
    I applied for computer science with games which require D*DD, i received DDD as a final grade and the Computer science with games was a mistake as i wanted just normal Computer science that require DDM. On the open day the lady didnt wanted really to change it as she said i can change it later on and see how the game type look like and if not i can always change my course in the first year. But now that i got DDD instead D*DD i might not get accepted for this game type so what should i do now ??
    Also can i drop out of uni for 2/3 weeks for example in november i would want to take short holiday for about 2 day to go Philippines with my Girlfriend can i do this or i will get into some problem for being absent or something ?
    Do you think Uni is worth it ? I dont really even know who i wanna be after i graduate Uni im completely lost.

    Thanks for helping !
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    Community Assistant
    Changing courses is usually pretty straightforward, especially in first year when there tends to be a lot of crossover.

    If you've applied and been offered an unconditional place then it doesn't matter what grade you get now. If you've got an unconditional place and don't get the grade your university will contact you to discuss your options. One of those options may be to switch to traditional CS. Discuss this with someone at the university as soon as possible but you can't do much without an offer of some sort. If they're waiting for results day to make a formal offer you can either wait for the official results or email now and discuss changing your course. It's not something you really need to worry about though.

    You can't just "drop out" and join back. You'd be taking some time off. Different universities deal with it differently but it's really up to you if you want to attend. The 2/3 weeks and 2 day bit is confusing, 2 days is a lot less of an issue than 2/3 weeks. I don't recommend taking time off unless you have to though. Going on a holiday can wait. Get your education sorted first.

    Is university worth it? We could discuss this for hours and get nowhere. I don't personally think it has much value if you don't know what you want to do or where you want to go. If you have a vague idea that the CS industry is where you're aiming then great, iron out the details later. But if you're just taking CS for the sake of it and don't even know if that's what you want to do then it's a waste of your time. Wait, work out what you want to do and then go to university if that's the best idea.The debt and money factors should not even be part of this situation and if that's the reason you decided to go then you seem to be going for the wrong reasons.
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