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Moving to boarding school. watch

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    I'm moving to a private boarding school in September. I'm so nervous because it seems like days are going really fast. It is going to be a whole new experience for me I've been attending an all girls academy from year 7-9 now I'm moving to a Mixed school. I don't know many boys and I don't know how to act around them. My sister and I are going to be one of 5-10 black students in the entire school and I just need advice. Anyone who thinks that they can help, please do.
    I'm really freaking out!!!

    I can't exactly relate but as a black student who has moved school from country to country not knowing anyone else but my sister- here's my advice-Try to relax by finding out as much as you can about the school-You'll be fine! Keep that in mind.- Try to make as many friends as possible initially. Be super nice to everyone- I always found the people who I show me around and are my 'first friends' don't really stay for long as they get to know me. That's fine! Whoever is meant to be in your life will come and stay.- Bring things to do just in case you find yourself in a situation where your alone. I always brought a book and a sketch pad around but it depends on your preference- I highly doubt you'll be the new kid all alone in the corner lol. It just doesn't really happen. - Boys are people too. You won't need to 'act' around them- Nothing I can advise but just wait for it lol. - My highschool had very few black girls in my year and it seemed there were less and less until I got to sixthform and I was the only black girl in my year. My advice is to show everyone your true character- I know you're not supposed to live your life proving stuff to other people but just show that you aren't the stereotypical loud rude sassy ghetto black girl most people expect from our skin (unless you really are lol). Over time when people realised I was just a person like everyone else lmao I felt more "allowed" to reveal the sides of me that were more 'typically black'. I had friends of all colours and still do- as you get to know people race is not that big of an obstacle (unless your school is really segregated or racist lol)- Also don't be afraid to hang with your sister and/or stick up for her if need be. Other than that, just keep positive and optimistic. I am sure you'll be fine. Find things to keep you excited ( I love stationary shopping lol) and PM me if you need more reassurance. You will be fine. GOOD LUCK for September
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